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How much do you know about academic life in university? Academic life in university is very different from studying in secondary school. First, the scope of study can be a lot wider in university. In addition to your major, you can choose elective courses to satisfy your academic interests. You can also take supplementary classes and co-curricular learning such as language courses, art and cultural programmes, etc.

Second, the depth of study can be deeper. While you will also have textbooks and notes as the starting point, you are also expected to pay additional effort to read reference materials and research if you want to have good academic performance. All in all, to do well academically, you must take initiatives in studying. You may also find it helpful to develop effective studying strategies.

Some students experience academic stress due to the demanding academic expectations of the university. Some other students experience stress due to their own high expectation. These can result in high anxiety or even mental illnesses in extreme cases. If you encounter such problems, they should not be overlooked and you should seek assistance from your academic staff and/or a psychological counsellor as soon as possible.