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Transition to University Life

On Becoming a Freshman

Welcome to the Hong Kong Baptist University!

Going to university is not only an academic and personal enrichment, but also one of the most significant life changes for some of you. After all, university life is different from your secondary school life. It is going to be a change. To help yourself enjoy this process, here you will find the most common changes that are going to happen in your life.

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New Environment
New Relationships
Greater Freedom and Responsibility
New Academic Expectations


Tips for Psychological Adjustment

With all the changes and challenges ahead, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and distressed during the first several weeks of university. Here come some useful tips for facilitating your psychological adjustment and enhancing your psychological competence for student success.

You can also choose your preferable means of learning for your psychological competence enhancement including classroom learning and eLearning.

Enhance your self-understanding
Foster self-management
Proactively build relationship
Promote cultural adjustment
Sharpen your learning strategy