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Panel on Student Activities Fund

Terms of Reference

To review and approve policies and guidelines for Student Activities Fund.

Membership Composition

A staff member of Student Affairs Committee as appointed by the Chairperson of Student Affairs Committee Dr. Kevin YUE
A staff of the Office of Student Affairs as nominated by the Director of Student Affairs Ms. Ivy CHUNG
Other Members:  
Acting Director of Student Affairs Dr. Rosa TANG
A staff member of Office of Student Affairs Ms. Adele WAN
A staff member of Student Affairs Committee Dr. William CHEUNG
Three students as nominated by the Students’ Union:  
- one from the Students’ Union Mr. WANG Mu En
- one from the Academic Societies Miss CHEUNG Yuet Wah (SU-FAS)
- one from the Interest Clubs Miss TAN Ching Yan (SA-BUSUS)

Frequency of Meetings

At least once a year