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The purpose of Service-learning Student Activities Fund is to facilitate students’ contribution and growth towards and through services.


  1. Priority will be given to service-learning activities initiated and organised by student organisations .
  2. All activities must be supported by the staff advisor of respective student organisation.
  3. No double subsidies will be granted within the Office of Student Affairs (SA).

Application procedures: 

  1. Completed application must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the programme. 
  2. Application should be submitted online with the following support documents:
    1. Activity proposal
    2. Budget plan with detailed breakdown
    3. Staff advisor's recommendation form (please reserve enough time for completion by the staff advisor)
    4. Tentative itinerary (for overseas activities only)

Student organisation's obligations:

  1. Student officers of all successful applications must submit the following documents within one month upon completion of the funded activity:
    1. Online activity evaluation report with:
      1. Justifications on learning outcome(s) achieved.
      2. Achievements attained (e.g. awards, prizes) via the respective programme, if any.
      3. Financial statement with ORIGINAL receipts. (Please stick all receipts on A4 papers and number the receipts following the order of particulars in the financial statement. Hard copies of the receipts should be submitted to the Office of SA)
      4. At least six photos showing different elements of the activity.
      5. Copy of all promotion materials of the activity.
      6. List of participants including their name and student ID.
    2. Actual itinerary with stubs of boarding passes and/or tickets of transportation. (for overseas activities only)
  2. At least one of the following acknowledgements should be included in all promotion materials such as banner, poster and booklet: 

    "The activity is sponsored by Tsim Sha Tsui District Kai Fong Welfare Association Service-Learning Student Activities Fund (administered by Office of Student Affairs, HKBU)" or "本活動由尖沙咀街坊福利會學生活動基金贊助"
  3. Participants in overseas activities are required to share their learning experience with the university community upon completion of the activity. The share can be conducted in the form of exhibition, sharing session or written report with pictures. 

Regulations on reimbursement:

  1. The funding will be FORFEITED if student organisations fail to submit the evaluation report and required documents by the stated deadline.
  2. The funding can only support expenses in the particular activity stated in the application materials.
  3. Actual amount of funding will be determined by the receipts submitted by student organisations. 
  4. The Director of Student Affairs (DSA) reserves the right to adjust the amount of subsidy in consideration of the availability of funds.

Funding Guidelines

Local community service

Up to 100% of costs on the promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $6,000 per application

Overseas community service

  1. Up to 80% of costs on transportation, accommodation, programme registration fee and other general expenses incurred with a funding ceiling for each participant:
    1. HK$1,000 for activities in Guangdong Province and Macau
    2. HK$1,500 for activities in China (except for Guangdong Province), India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand
    3. HK$2,000 for activities in other countries
  2. Up to 100% of costs on the promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $2,000 per activity, whichever is lower.

Exhibition and seminar with participants from the community

Up to 100% of costs on the promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $6,000 per application, whichever is lower.

Training/workshop for the community

Up to 100% of costs on the trainer fee, promotion and related expenditure or a maximum of $6,000 per application, whichever is lower.

Any other meaningful activities by the discretion of the Director of Student Affairs

Other subsidies

An additional 30% of subsidies OR a maximum of HK$1,500.00 per activity may be granted if such activity is organized by student organization(s) which have fulfilled the requirements of CODE Programme. Each eligible student organization could ONLY make one application.

Useful Resources


Office of Student Affairs

Phone: 3411 5894
Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus