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Global Engagement Squad (GES) is an event-organizing committee team for international students under HKBU International Association (IA) to promote inclusiveness and internationalization of HKBU. 

GES aims:

To provide incentives to the international students promote internationalization in HKBU

To enhance the involvement of international students in HKBU community

To raise international awareness to the whole community of HKBU

To assist international students adapt better in HKBU


multi cultural night

Full-time international students, which are members of IA, can feel free to apply to GES.


  • Organizes activities which will be funded and/or supported by SA
  • Provides feedback on the campus life of international students to SA



  • The events proposed can be anything, as long as it achieves at least one of the following:
    • Promote particular culture
    • Enhance the cultural exchange within the university
    • Take care of the needs of international students in certain times (CNY, Sem break, etc)
  • The GES are free to decide the composition of the event organizers / committees, whether they would like to include local / Mainland / exchange students or not.
  • The activities can be on / off campus, but are limited only in Hong Kong
  • Budget is up to HK$10,000 depending on the scale of the event*
  • Max 5 events will be approved per semester
  • There will be awards for events with best criterias!!



  • Creativity
  • Cultural Interactions
  • Cultural Needs & Promotion
  • Enrichment in Learning & Knowledge
  • Contribution to the University / local community



  • Submit application online
  • Attend the briefing
  • Make a proposal
  • Have progress meeting(s) with SA colleagues
  • Implement the event
  • Write reflection report about the event, self-development and achievement in internationalization one week after event date
  • Each committee member would be recognized with certificate


Notes: *This is a special funding, which is subject to review in the future

philippines booth

EVENTS OF 2017/2018

Thailand & Myanmar Promotional Booth (26 Feb - 2 Mar 2018)

Spring Festival (27 Feb 2018)

Kazakhstan Night (20 Mar 2018)

Beachside Camping (14-15 Apr 2018)

Cheung Chau Bun Festival Trip (22 May 2018)

EVENTS OF 2018/2019

ISC Tram Party (28 Sep 2018)

HKBU Philippines Corner (3-5 & 8-9 Oct 2018)

Museum Hopping Outing (13 Oct 2018)

HKBU Global Issues Challenge 2018 (15 Nov 2018)

ISC Multi-Cultural Booth (11-15 Feb 2019)

HKBU Multi-Cultural Night (12 Feb 2019)

Spring Festival (19 Feb 2019)

Kazakhstan Night Nauryz Festival 2019 (14 Mar 2019)

Eid & Diwali Night (21 Mar 2019)

ISC Graduation Party (29 Mar 2019)

ISC Badminton Cup (7 Apr 2019)

Cultural Immersion Tour (13 Apr 2019)

End Semester BBQ Camp (29-30 Apr 2019)

Iftar at HKBU (9 May 2019)



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