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Academic societies are composed of students studying the same course/ major. They seek to cultivate a professional attitude amongst members through co-curricular and extra-curricular studies and projects.

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Faculty of Arts 文學院    
Chinese Language and Literature Society *
中國語言文學學會 *  YSS602
Humanities and Creative Writing Society
人文及創作系學會 YSS602
Religion and Philosophy Society
宗教及哲學學會 YSS602
Students' Union Faculty of Arts Society
學生會文學院學生會 YSS602
School of Business 工商管理學院    
Society of Accountancy *
會計學會 *  AAB601
Students’ Union Business Management Society
學生會工商管理學會  AAB601
Students’ Union Human Resources Management Society *
學生會人力資源管理學會 *  AAB601
School of Chinese Medicine 中醫藥學院    
Chinese Medicine Society
中醫藥學會  AAB603
Society of Chinese Materia Medica
中藥學會 AAB603
School of Communication  傳理學院    
Communication Society
傳理學會 AAB605
School of Creative Arts  創意藝術學院    
Music Society
音樂學會 YSS602
Students’ Union Academy of Film (Higher Diploma) Students’ Union #
學生會電影學院(高級文憑)學生會 # n.a.
Faculty of Science  理學院    
Chemistry Society *
化學學會 *  YSS603
Computer Science Society
計算機科學學會 YSS603
Students' Union Mathematics Society *
學生會數學學會 *  YSS603
Students’ Union The Student Association of Science Faculty
學生會理學院學生聯會 YSS603
Faculty of Social Sciences 社會科學院    
Global and China Studies Society *
全球及中國研究課程學會 * AAB602
European Studies Society *
歐洲研究學會 *  AAB602
Geography Society *
地理學會 * AAB602
Government and International Studies Society
政治及國際關係學學會  AAB602
History  Society *
歷史學會 *  AAB602
Physical  Education and Recreation Management Society
體育及康樂管理學會 AAB602
Social Work Society
社會工作學會  AAB602
Sociology Society 
社會學學會  AAB602
Students’ Union The Association of Broad-based Admission Society of Faculty of Social Sciences *
學生會社會科學院聯合招生學生聯會 * AAB602

Students' Union Society of Innovation in Health and Social Well-Being
School of Continuing Education 持續教育學院    
College of International Education Students’ Society #*
國際學院學生學會 #*  n.a.
Early Childhood Education Society #
幼兒教育學會 #  n.a.
Sport and Recreation Leadership Society #*
運動及康樂領袖學學會 #*  n.a.
Students' Union Society of Higher Diploma in Management (Sport and Healthy Living) #*
學生會管理學高級文憑(運動與健康生活)學會 #* n.a.
Students’ Union Sport and Recreation Studies Society #
學生會運動及康樂學學會 # n.a.
Students' Union The Nursing Society #
學生會護理學會 # n.a.
Division of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes 跨學科本科課程部    
Students’Union Society of Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Programmes
學生會跨學科課程學會 n.a.

  # Non-UGC funded programme
  * Currently Inactive