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Student Affairs Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To report or make recommendations to the Senate on policies and regulations relating to student organizations, activities, discipline, amenities, services and Hall life.
  2. To promote co-curricular and other activities which create an environment conducive to the Whole Person Education philosophy of the University.
  3. To receive reports from the Office of Student Affairs and make approval on matters relating to student affairs as recommended by the Director of Student Affairs.
  4. To appoint, when required, panels to deal with disciplinary matters in accordance with guidelines approved by the Senate, and to report the panels’ decisions to the Senate.
  5. To receive reports on matters related to scholarships, bursaries and loans.
  6. To submit an annual report to the Senate at the end of the academic year.

Membership Composition

Chairperson Members (2016-17)
    Vice-President (T & L)      Dr. Albert CHAU
    Director of Student Affairs      Prof. Gordan TANG
    Academic Registrar or his designate   
Ir Dr. Kwok Sang SO
    Chaplain or his designate Rev Dr. King Tak IP
    Five academics, at least two of whom should be Senate members Dr. Noel SIU (BUS)
Ms. Angela NG (ARTS)
Prof. Petrus NG (SOSC)
Dr. Kevin YUE (SCM)
Prof. YUEN Pong Chi (SCI)
    One Resident Master  Prof. MAK King Sang (YP CAI HALL)
    Two Student members of the Senate Mr. CHAN Ho Wan Matthew (ARTS) 
(until 31 Aug 2017)
Miss LAU Wai Hing (SCM)
(until 31 Aug 2017)
    Two other student representatives     
    One from Academic Societies and one from Interest Clubs 

Mr. WONG Wing Fung (COMM)
(until 31 Aug 2017)
Miss TAI Chung Yee (AIESEC)
(until 31 Aug 2017)

    Assistant Directors of Student Affairs     
Mr. Tony CHAN
Ms. Wendy CHEUNG
Dr. Stephen MANN
Dr. Rosa TANG
    President of the Students’ Union  Mr.  WONG Chun Hin
(until Feb 2017)
    Representative from the Hall Council Mr. CHEUNG Lok Wai (Yang)
(until Dec 2016)