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Health Services User Group (Dental)

Terms of Reference  

  1. To receive regular reports from the service provider on the statistics of student’s enrolment in Student Dental Benefit Scheme , consultation visits, dental treatment and other reports as required.
  2. To review the service of the dental service provider, and to receive feedback from the student/staff users for the purpose of maintaining and improvement of its quality services.
  3. To make recommendations, as appropriate, on the renewal or termination of contract with the service provider.

Membership Composition

Director of Student Affairs 

Assistant Director of Student Affairs (Administration/Campus Life & Support)

Director of Finance or his/her designate
Director of Personnel or his/her designate
One/two staff member(s) nominated by the Personnel Office
Two student representatives nominated by the Office of Student Affairs
Representatives of the Service Provider

Frequency of Meetings

Once a year