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For more information, you are always welcome to contact us at 3411 5894, or through email to

Services to Student Organizations


You may provide the details of the achievements by filling out this form (click here) and send to The information will be recorded in the "Student U-life Record E-system (SURE)". At the same time, we will inform the Communications and Public Relations Office (CPRO) of your achievements for their consideration to put it on HKBU eNews.

  1. Venues and facilities managed by Office of Student Affairs, Students’ Union and Estates Office are open for bookings one month before the date of use, and bookings are close 7 days before the date of use;
  2. Venues managed by Academic Registry are open for bookings at the start of the semester in which the date of use is (excluding the add-drop period), and bookings are close 3 days before the date of use;
  3. AAB201 (managed by AC Hall) is open for bookings 180 days before the date of use, and bookings are close on the first day of the month before the month of the date of use;
  4. AC Hall is open for schedules checking and bookings 6 months before the month of the booking date, and bookings are close on the first day of the month before the month of the date of use; students are recommended to approach the AC Hall to discuss the booking matters as earliest as possible.

Student organizations that are registered with the Office of Student Affairs or the Students’ Union are entitled to 2G of sever space at the network provided by the Office of Information Technology Office (ITO).  For security reasons, ITO restrict the upload of files be made through *Secure Shell (SSH) and *SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) via computers on campus (ie. computers at ITO computer lab, the library, the Learning Commons).   The setting of the SSH are as below

Host Name:
User Name: same as login name of the student organization
Port Number: (use the default setting)
Authentication Method: (use the default setting)

The platform domain name is, and therefore the URL should be: e.g.

Student organizations are responsible for the content uploaded, please pay attention to the content, data privacy and security. Should further technical support is needed, please contact the ITO hotline at 3411 7899.

* Note 1: The "Secure File Transfer Client" could be located on computers on campusLocate "Secure File Transfer Client" on PC in ITO Computer Centre

* Note 2: Informations to be filled in on the Secure File Transer
Login Information


Student Organizations should login to the Student Learning Experience System (SLES)  with their society account (login and password is the same as the society's email) to update the below record:

  1.  List of executive committee members; and
  2.  Extra-curricular activities organized or arranged by the organizations during the service year (*activities subsidized by Office of Student Affairs (SA) are regarded as co-curricular activities, and would be inputted to the system by SA)

Please refer to the user guide for details.


Temporary car parking spaces are available for important guests who are attending student activities. The spaces are to be reserved in advanced with the Estate Office via SA by using the appropriate form, which can be downloaded HERE. Spaces are limited and reserved on a “first come first serve” basis.