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Venues and Facilities Booking System (VFBS)

Venues and Facilities Booking System (VFBS)

The web-based booking System, technically supported by the Estates Office (EO), provides a user-friendly and efficient interface for online booking of amenities which are managed by the Academic Community Hall of Finance Office (ACH/FO), the Academic Registry (AR), EO and the Office of Student Affairs (SA). Reservations from student organizations shall be applied via the VFBS with the logins and passwords provided. Please read the below guidelines and rules before login to the system. 

User Guide of VFBS

Guidelines and Rules

  1. Bookings are made on a first-come-first-served basis and reservations shall be made via VFBS. Priority will be given to staff or students depending on the nature of the venue at the discretion of the Office-in-charge.
  2. Applications for booking should be made in accordance with the regulations of the office-in-charge. (For example, reservations shall be made at least 1 week, but not more than 45 days, in advance of the first day of use for amenities and facilities managed by SA.)
  3. If the function is initiated by outside organizations and sponsored by a/an faculty/school/department/office, the faculty/school/department/office concerned should be responsible to make the booking.
  4. To be fair to all users, the SA reserves the right to limit the number of requests submitted by an organization within a given period of time (see appendices hereafter).
  5. The applicant must check that the items s/he borrows are in good condition when s/he picks up and returns the items. S/he must take good care of the items when using them and is to be held responsible for any loss and damage.
  6. Furniture and equipment must not be removed or relocated from the venue(s) without the prior consent of the Office-in-Charge.  Any items moved must be restated to their original positions after use.
  7. Users should keep the venue(s) in good condition and behave properly, they will be held responsible for any damages or losses including fixtures and furniture during the period in use.
  8. The rights of use of VFBS and the venue(s) are not transferrable unless the prior approval is sought from the SA.
  9. All cancellations of borrowing/use should be made at the VFBS. Once the reserved item(s) is/are expected to be no longer needed, the reservation(s) has/have to be cancelled. Failure to do so will result in suspension of future booking privileges for a specified period (please also see point 10).
  10. For reservation of venues, only reasonable time period(s) reserved for the use of preparations and/or clearing up before and/or after the function(s) is/are allowed.
  11. The right of reservations and use of user may be suspended if the regulations herein and /or stipulated in the Manual of Student Activities are not well observed.
  12. Users should safeguard their own belongings. The University does not hold any responsibilities to any damages or losses.
  13. Reservations of amenities managed by SA from offices/departments shall be endorsed by EO prior to the approval of SA.
  14. Outsiders should contact EO for reservations and/or enquiries.

Appendix 1. Regulations on Borrowing and Using Display Boards

  1. All display boards must be erected at the approved site/s and within the approved period only. Any unauthorized use of boards will be penalized.
  2. All display materials on the boards must be removed and the boards be returned to the storage area immediately after use. In HSH Campus, the storage area is near the recycling bin at L5, Cha Chi-ming Science Tower; in BUR and Shaw Campus, the storage area is at the Podium, Level 3, AAB (close to lift no. 1-4).
  3. The maximum number of boards and period of use are as follows:
Promotion of activity 2 14 DAYS
Counter 1 7 DAYS
A-week/exhibition* 15 7 DAYS

* Functions organized by joint student organizations may be considered for using more facilities.

Appendix 2. Regulations on Borrowing and Using Tables and Chairs 

The maximum number and period of use of tables and chairs allowed for various usage are as follows:

Counter 1 table, 2 chairs 7 DAYS
A-week 3 tables 7 DAYS
Talk/gathering 3 tables, 60 chairs 1 DAY

For special functions which need more facilities, please contact SA via  .

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