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Mr. & Mrs. Ho Ting Sik Scholarship 2017/18

04 SEP 2017 - 26 JUN 2018

The Mr. & Mrs. Ho Ting Sik Scholarship was established by Mr. & Mrs. Ho Ting Sik to equip students with international vision, broaden their exposure to multicultural environments and strengthen their international connections. The scholarship is open for application all year round.


The Mr. & Mrs. Ho Ting Sik Scholarship, which ranges at HK$5,000 to HK$30,000 each, will be awarded to current full-time local and non-local undergraduate students studying in any discipline (UGC-funded programmes only) who:

  • (a) have been successfully selected or recommended by a HKBU Department or Office to represent HKBU to participate in a competition, conference or exchange activity (exclude student exchange programmes) in Mainland China or Overseas Countries. The activity should NOT be course-required or graduation-tied. It must be organized or endorsed by a HKBU Department or Office.
  • (b) have attained a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above at the time of application.

Due to limited number of awards, it is not guaranteed that an applicant will be awarded even if he/she has fulfilled the above-mentioned eligibility. All applications will be assessed by an internal selection panel based on the activity nature and scale, recommendation of Department/Office, as well as the availability of funding. The amount of scholarship granted to successful applicants is subject to the destination and length of the activity, as well as the fee and expense paid by applicants.

Programmes with other sources of financial support may not be considered or will be considered at a lower priority.

Awardees are required to submit a proof of participation within 1 month upon completion of the approved programmes/activities. Proof of participation may be certificate, appreciation letters, or any other documents that include your name, the programme name and an indication of programme completion.


The application form can be downloaded here.

Applicants may apply for the scholarship after being informed that they are selected to represent HKBU, or within 1 month after they have completed the programme/activities. For example, a student is informed by his Department on 2 April 2018 that he will represent HKBU to join a conference in France during 23-26 May 2018. In this scenario, the valid period of application for the student would be 2 April 2018 to 26 June 2018.

The completed application form with supporting documents (i.e., proofs of being selected, programme/activity information [website/poster/leaflet/letter/email], and (for those applying after the end of programme) proof of completion) should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, WLB 401 (Rm 401, Level 4, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies), Shaw Campus within the valid period of application for that particular programme.

Application form with e-signature or signature not signed by the applicant; scanned or photocopy of the application form; application form without proof of being selected and/or programme information; or late submission of the application form will not be considered.

The selection results will be announced as soon as confirmation is received from the head of the selection panel.

Note: In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, such as extreme weather, that resulted in the sudden closure of SFA Counter on the day of the valid period of application, SFA will extend the valid period of application to 5:30pm of the following working day.


For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 3411 2307 or by email to

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