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Obligations of Recipients

Scholarships, awards, prizes, bursaries and loans are made possible by contributions from generous donors who selflessly give support to the educational endeavors of students like you. As a recipient, you should show your gratitude by attending the Donors Appreciation Reception, writing a thank you letter, and accepting invitations to external ceremonies & events organized by the donors. The following obligations were proposed and endorsed by the Undergraduate Scholarship Committee in October 2011. Failure of fulfilling any of them may result in the rescission of the award or other necessary action(s).

Donor Appreciation Reception

The Donors Appreciation Reception, organized by the Office of Student Affairs in April/May every year, serves to honour your outstanding achievements, and provides an opportunity for you to interact with donors as well as to express your thankfulness in person.  You should make all efforts to attend the Reception upon invitation. Your award may be rescinded if you are absent from the Reception without strong and acceptable reasons.

Thank You Letter/Card/Video

A thank-you letter/card/video serves to convey your sincere appreciation to the donor. You may share in the letter/card/video the ways in which the gift helps you in attaining your educational goals and/or expanding your life experiences. In addition, you may share your family background, financial situation, career plan and aspirations with the donor. You will be reminded to send a thank you letter/card/video to the donor via the Office of Student Affairs (a copy will be kept by the Office) after the Donors’ Tea Reception or as soon as your award is confirmed. You are also encouraged to write a letter to the donor again after a semester or a year to let him/her know your improvement or achievement. Please click HERE for more details and you may take reference on preparing a meaningful Thank-you Letter/Handmade Card/Video.

Ceremonies & events organized by the donor

Occasionally, you may receive invitations to ceremonies & events that are organized by the donor. You should make all efforts in attending these functions upon invitation to personally articulate your gratefulness to the donor.

Show your sincere gratitude to donors by your own means

You are also encouraged to show gratitude to the donors by your own means. If you would like to thank the donor(s) in addition to the above ways, for example, giving them photos of you winning a competition, your own production like artwork and music, tickets of your own show, etc., you may send it to them through us. You are welcome to attach any of these to the thank-you letter mentioned above when we invite you to write one.