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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients

Huen Cho Ki


Huen Cho Ki (English Education)
Recipient of AIA Scholarship 2020-21

It is my great honor to be one of the awardees of AIA Scholarship (2020-2021). Thank you for the generous support from AIA Foundation. As a student striving for excellence in both academic and non-academic achievement, I have participated in different activities to enrich my knowledge. As a student majoring in English Education, I am keen on acquiring diversified English knowledge as well as exposing myself to an English-speaking environment. I have joined various English programmes and competitions, as well as attending different English courses to equip myself and gain professional qualifications. This year, I got the opportunity to be one of the student teachers to teach English in primary school. Through this valuable experience, it strengthened my passion as a teacher. Teachers not only instill knowledge but also provide unconditional support and guidance to the students....(more)

HUNG Tsz Hin Ronald


HUNG Tsz Hin, Ronald (PhD in Economics)
Recipient of Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship 2020-21

I am honored to be one of the three awardees of the 2020-21 Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship for postgraduate research students. It recognizes my effort in doing Economics research.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” said Albert Einstein. It may be one of the quotes that can closely describe the beauty of Hong Kong. As a local student, I witnessed how Hong Kong, a tiny city, kept fighting a wave of crises when I was growing up. When I was a primary student, we experience how Hong Kong defended its currency in the 1997 Asian financial earthquake. When I was a secondary student, I saw the quick recovery of the Hong Kong economy during the SARS outbreak. Before I got into the university, I experienced how the global markets were overwhelmed by the subprime mortgage crisis in 2018. Hong Kong, as an international financial city, kept fighting from failure to failure. For each difficulty, everyone suffered. Hong Kong, however, can always find the way out for those “impossible” missions....(more)

LEUNG Hoi Fung Lucan


LEUNG Hoi Fung Lucan (Applied Biology)
Recipient of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship 2020-21

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” Said by whom I think is the greatest scientist and inventor of all time: Nikola Tesla. While this quote could be acknowledged easily by everyone, I believe the true understanding in meanings and emotions among these words would most likely be absent.

Born and diagnosed with the Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD) Dyslexia at age 6, I was never academically gifted before getting into university. While my peers immerse in their success of pen and paper, I was the one who struggles, lags, and drowns. When I was little, even with revisions and studies, nothing but tears would come out from dictations and assessments. At the time Dyslexia are still at its discovery stage, publicity and support were not mature. Virtually no one from the society acknowledge or had even heard of such neurological disorder. In results, there are many frustrations all these years from teachers, principals and even my own father. Little do they know, the most frustrated person was no one, but me....(more)

RAMOS Mark Musette Alger

RAMOS Mark Musette Alger (Government and International Studies)
Recipient of HKSAR Government Scholarship 2020-21

Ever since I was a kid, my parents always said, “we will support you no matter what”. This was their mantra, all throughout the ups and downs of my life. I was lucky enough to be blessed with parents that went against the stereotypes of “Asian tiger parents”. However, this seemed to be compensated for in other things. When I moved to Hong Kong in Form 4, I was put into a band 3 school, which was the only institution that would accept my existing qualifications from the Philippines. There, I was met with peers who did not have much motivation to study, and many of the teachers seemed to have accepted it. Given that it was predominantly an ethnic minority school, some of my teachers often mentioned “realistic” career paths for us, such as food & beverage, construction, and food delivery....(more)


TAM SHUM Anabel Patricia


TAM SHUM Anabel Patricia (Bachelor of Arts)
Recipient of HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships 2020-21

It is my greatest honour to be one of the awardees of the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships (2020-2021). This scholarship scheme is the way for me to fulfil my hopes which relies upon my ambition.

As a student studying Chinese Language and Literature, I love reading classics of Chinese Literature. It allows me to know more about writing styles, thoughts, and background history of different writers. I often attend Chinese Language courses as well, so as to equip myself and gain professional qualifications. Being one of the awardees of this scholarship scheme, I am able to grab the interest in my major study and it motivates me to work harder in this particular field....(more)

YEUNG Tsz Ching


YEUNG Tsz Ching (Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Science)
Recipient of Our Future Scholarships 2020-21

I am interested in studying the Chinese culture and my mission is to be a medical professional. Therefore, I started pursuing the Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Science dual bachelor's degree in HKBU when I was only 16. 

I am dedicated to serving people with all ages and backgrounds. ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart’ (Colossians 3:23a, NIV). The core value of community services, is neither about the scale of event nor the number of benefices, but your pure heart of love and care. For me, helping children and elderly is my calling. So, I taught underprivileged children, mentored teenagers and volunteered in a clinic for the elderly. Involving in social services whole-heartedly widens my exposure and brings me self-satisfaction. It makes my life abundant. ‘Live the life you love, love the life you live’, this is my motto....(more)


YEUNG Wing Kwan

YEUNG Wing Kwan (Government and International Studies)
Recipient of Hong Kong Association of University Women Undergraduate Scholarship 2020-21

As a student majoring in Government & International Studies (GIS), I value critical thinking, diversity and communication skills. I am passionate about communicating with people and knowing friends from different backgrounds. 

It is my deepest honour to receive this award. The scholarship not only helps to lighten my financial burden, but also provides me chances to reach out to more organizations for community services. Since one of my hobbies is doing voluntary work, I aspire to devote myself to helping people who are in need in Hong Kong and all over the world. I am sure that I can put more effort into helping people, through the form of voluntary services in both Hong Kong and foreign countries....(more)




YUEN Ka Mei (Social Work)
Recipient of HKBU Alumni Gratitude Scholarship 2020-21

As teenagers, we are the future of the world, so we ought to take up the job to care about society. After I diagnosed with Leukemia and Avascular Necrosis in Form 5, I had to suspend school and even stay at home for more than two year. Because of my hospitalized experience, I have more understanding about the psychological feelings and physical needs of the chronic illness patient and people with disadvantage. It inspired me that by taking care of people’s physical health, we could be attentive to their innermost being too. Moreover, I learned that empathy is a very crucial element to put yourself in someone’s shoes and we should be genuine to others....(more)


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