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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients

Daniel CHAN


Chan Shing Yeuk, Daniel (Government and International Studies)
Recipient of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship 2017/18

I spotted an opportunity to apply for the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) Scholarship when I was one month into my second year. The criteria of selection for the scholarship encompasses four main areas: intellect, service, character, and leadership. Although this scholarship was one of the most competitive at university, I gave it a shot because risk was the price I needed to pay for such an opportunity...(more)

Anya PAI


Pai Yuan Hua, Anya (Public Relations and Advertising)
Recipient of HKBU Outstanding Student Leaders Awards 2017/18

Studying at Hong Kong Baptist University, I have come across many opportunities to join activities both on campus and my own faculty. With such experiences, my university life is rewarding and fruitful.

I believe being a leader does not mean you need to have a title; one can be a leader in every position. An outstanding student leader thus needs to be passionate, and willing to find opportunities to demonstrate ...(more)



Mereen Santirad (Communication)
Recipient of Belt and Road Scholarships (Thailand) 2017/18

It is a great honour to receive the Belt and Road Scholarships (Thailand), which enables me to further my academic performance and improve my skills in communication. I plan to utilize these skills to advocate for the rights of the marginalized community in my country for a better society after I graduated. The scholarship did mean a lot to me because I came from a poor family and it is not possible for me to get into university with their own support. I would not be able to study in university if I were not offered the scholarship. Growing up in a poor family required me to pay double efforts in order to obtain equal chances as the others. There are many young people like me who are waiting for the opportunity to study in university...(more)


Norielei N. Malabunga


Norielei Nadres Malabunga (English Language and Literature)
Recipient of Tsim Sha Tsui District Kai Fong Welfare Association Admission Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding South and South East Asian Ethnic Minority Students (EMSS) 2017/18

I am a full Filipino born and raised in Hong Kong. Spending 20 years in here, Hong Kong has no doubt become my home. Aside from raising property prices, I can say that Hong Kong is the place to be, with so many ethnic cultures that surround the city, there's so much diversity left and right. The city itself is also amazing with the mix of beautiful skyscrapers when you walk the streets and the beautiful mountain...(more)

Wong Wai Wa


Wong Wai Wa (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics)
Recipient of Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited Scholarship 2017/18

I never expected that I would be awarded a scholarship. Here, I want to express my appreciation to my donor again and share my learning experience.

Learning attitude plays a determinant role in my study. It is what I learn after receiving the affirmation from the scholarship. Chinese Language and Literature was my favorite subject when I first joined the Faculty of Arts. One of the reasons was that I wanted to escape from English through entering a Chinese major since my English was bad. However, life is unpredictable. I studied a course which was about philosophy...(more)




Akhtar Nazmeen (Visual Arts)
Recipient of Tsim Sha Tsui District Kai Fong Welfare Association Admission Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding South and South East Asian Ethnic Minority Students (EMSS) 2017/18

I grow up in Hong Kong and my both parents are Pakistani. I have 3 siblings and I am the eldest. We grow up in a Chinese environment and we all are fluent in Chinese speaking. I am more family oriented. I love to interact with people who come from different cultural backgrounds. I have been influenced by my mother to join the path of being a visual art student as she is a creative person and therefore I am really impressed by her. Even though she didn't study, she got this kind of talent so I would like to follow her to find my way. My parents were not educated but they taught us to have good character and be a person with good conduct. Because of them we are now well educated...(more)