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Exchange Scholarships

Various exchange scholarships and awards are provided to support students to study in a non-local institution for 1 or 2 semesters.

Descriptions/ Eligibility
No. of Recipients
Amount per Recipient
Application Method

C.Y. Tung Scholarship

This scholarship, in honor of C.Y. Tung, aims to support students attending the Semester At Sea (SAS) programme (Fall or Spring Voyage). Each voyage, a minimum of two students, attending U.S. universities and five Chinese national students, attending Universities in China, are awarded a US$20,000 scholarship to cover part of the programme fee. For details, please visit here. Minimum 7 US$20,000 open application in Feb-Apr (for Fall Voyage) and Jul-Sep (for Spring Voyage) 
*individual application needed


HSBC Overseas Scholarship Scheme

Local students who will spend a year of full-time study at one of the designated overseas universities and then return to the University for studies till graduation. For non-final year undergraduates in Business, Communication, Education, Science (applied and basic), Social Science, Arts (Linguistics & Language, Translation, History, Geography, Fine Arts & Applied Arts). Students should be well-rounded with and GPA > 3.70. Candidates are required to compete with students of other institutions in Hong Kong and attend a panel interview held by the Foundation. Financial needs will be considered.

decided by donor

decided by donor

open application in Oct-Jan
*individual application needed

3. The Italian Cultural Society of Hong Kong - Leo Tung-hai Lee Scholarship Fund Outstanding Music or Visual Arts student who will study credit-bearing courses in Italy as an exchange student for one semester or one year. Please click here for more details. 1 HK$40,000 for one year study or HK$25,000 for one semester study by Faculty nomination


WKF Scholarship for Learning & Exchange in One Belt One Road Regions 王錦輝交流學習獎學金 ─ 一帶一路地區

Students who have been admitted to exchange programmes in one belt one road regions (except China, Taiwan and Macau) organized by the International Office. Eligible Students should have outstanding cGPA and TOEFL or IELTS scores, good character with strong leadership abilities, as well as active participation in extra-curricular activities and services/contributions to the community.

Not fixed

from HK$8,000 to HK$34,000, depending on the location of the target institution

by International Office’s nomination

For other exchange scholarships and sponsorships, please visit the websites of the International Office at: or you may refer to the most updated Calendar/Student Handbook.