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Scholarship and Financial Aid Donor Appreciation

The Office of Student Affairs held the virtual Scholarship and Financial Aid Donor Appreciation 2020/2021 with live streaming on 30 April. At the ceremony, the University and student representatives conveyed gratitude to donors for their generosity and untiring support over the years.

In his speech, Professor Alexander Wai, President and Vice-Chancellor, shared that in the academic year 2020-21, there were an estimate of over 2,500 scholarships and 160 bursaries totaling around HK$66 million for HKBU students. He thanked the donors for not only having alleviated students’ financial burden, but also encouraged them to keep up their pursuits of academic excellence and personal development despite the COVID-19 challenges.

Dr Albert Chau, Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), reported on the progress and impact of two prominent funding schemes. He said that the First-Generation University Student Fund has received HK$9 million donations and benefitted 1,200 students since its establishment in 2017. Meanwhile, the HKBU SEED Fund, made available under Project SEED (Student Engagement, Enrichment and Development) in 2020, had provided timely assistance to nearly 100 needy students and supported various worthy projects such as SEED Incubator and Subsidised Internship Scheme. Project SEED has already received more than HK$10 million donation in less than a year.

Some student representatives joined the online ceremony to showcase their talents or learning outcomes, and express thankfulness to the donors.

Replay of the Scholarship and Financial Aid Donor Appreciation 2020/2021 is available at this link: .

The Scholarship & Award Recipients' List 2020/2021 is available at this link: