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List of Interest-free Loans

Interest-free loans provided by different private organisations and individuals are available for UGC-funded local undergraduate students. Applications should be made via University Bursaries and Loans in Aug/Sept every year.

  1. American Women’s Association Student Loan Fund 美國婦女會學生助學貸款
  2. Dr & Mrs Kenny L Wong Student Loan 黃樂熙博士及夫人學生貸款
  3. Hsin Chong – K N Godfrey Yeh Education Fund Student Travel Loan 新昌—葉庚年教育基金學生旅費貸款
  4. Mr Matthew Chan Ting Wah Student Loan 陳鼎華先生學生貸款基金
  5. Sing Tao Charitable Foundation Students’ Loan Fund 星島慈善基金貸款助學金 (available to full-time UGC-funded PGDE students as well)
  6. Van Yu Student Loan 萬友貸款助學金
  7. Winsor Education Foundation Students’ Interest-Free Loan Programme 南聯教育基金學生免息貸款計劃 

Loan Repayment for Interest-free Loans

The loan recipients are normally required to repay the loans to HKBU or the donors in one lump sum or by instalments starting from the year of their graduation. The period of repayment and the number of instalments of each loan vary according to the donor’s requirement.

Low Interest Loan: Loan Scheme for Year III Students of BSocSc (Hons) in European Studies (for Year III European Studies students only).

A special loan of HK$40,000 will be provided to third-year European Studies local student who will spend his/her year of studies in Europe. An annual interest rate of 2.5% on the loan amount shall accrue from the commencement date of loan repayment period, i.e. from October of the year of his/her graduation. Students should repay the loan and interest to HKBU within 36 monthly instalments, or in one lump sum exempt from interest by August of the year of graduation. 

Application, selection and nomination are managed by Department of Government and International Studies (GIS). Please consult GIS for the application procedures and more details.