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Scholarships & Awards for Outstanding Leaders or Other Achievements



Descriptions/ Eligibility

No. of Recipients

Amount per Recipient

Application Method


Hall Awards for Outstanding Residents

Outstanding Hall residents who have substantial contributions to the Halls.

No fixed quota

HK $1,500 to HK$ 5,000

by hall nomination


Hall Fee Awards for SU Student Leaders

President and Vice-Presidents of the Exco. of SU, as well as Chairman of the SU Council or SU Editorial Board may be nominated to receive the awards.


one-year hall lodging fee

by SU nomination


Halls Think Tank Award

Outstanding residents who have proposed innovative and practical resident-oriented ideas to improve hall life experience of peer residents.


HK$ 4,000- HK$ 10,000

by hall nomination


HKBU Awards for Global Vision

Outstanding full-time undergraduate students who would represent HKBU to participate in conferences, competitions or activities in the Mainland or overseas countries.

no fixed quota

HK$5,000 to $10,000

open for application all year round (click here for the details)

5 HKBU Century Club Alumni Agnes Wong, Samuel Lau and Dr Marianna Tsang Scholarship
Full‐time final-year undergraduate students who have achieved a cGPA 3.00 or above, demonstrated active participations in extra-curricular activities and demonstrated active participations in community services with at least 50 service hours during their studies at HKBU. Participation in Dr. Marianna Tsang @HKBU Subsidized Internship Scheme could be counted as part of the service. 1 HK$10,000 open application in Aug/ Sept**


HKBU Outstanding Student Leaders Award

Full-time year 2 or above undergraduates of UGC-funded programmes who have: a. satisfactory academic performance; b. good attitude and communication skills; c. strong leadership qualities as demonstrated in extra-curricular activities; d. outstanding record of services/ contributions in the university or/and community



open application in Jan-Feb *individual application needed


HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Reaching Out Award 

Outstanding students participating in learning, internship or service programmes which are mainly course or placement related as well as national, regional and international events and competitions that are conducted outside Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau. 

no fixed quota



open application in Mar-Apr *individual application needed


HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Talent Development Scholarship

Outstanding students who have demonstrated achievements or talent in the following non-academic areas: (a) Sports and games; (b) Music and performing arts; (c) Culture, arts and design; or (d) Innovation, science and technology.

no fixed quota




open application in Dec-Jan *individual application needed


Metropolitan Attachment Programme (MAP) Scholarships

Outstanding participants of MAP who have good academic achievements, active participations in university and other activities, and financially needy and/or nominated by respective schools / faculties / academy.

no fixed quota

no fixed amount

apply through Career Centre


MI Asia Awards

All graduates of HKBU (including the School of Continuing Education) with First Class Honour/Distinction (for SCE) or Second Class Division I Honour.

no fixed quota

Free magazine subscription

by university nomination


Mr. & Mrs. Ho Ting Sik Scholarship 

Outstanding full-time undergraduate students who have attained a cGPA of 3.00 or above; and who would represent HKBU to participate in conferences, competitions or activities in the Mainland or overseas countries.

no fixed quota

HK$5,000 to $30,000

open for application all year round (click here for the details)


Outstanding BBA Student Leader Scholarship

BBA students of at least Year 3 standing who has attained a cGPA of 3.00 or above; and made significant contributions to the School of Business/ HKBU/community continuously for at least the past two years; and demonstrated strong leadership through his/her services.

up to 2


by school nomination


Providence Foundation Outward Bound Leadership Training Award

Students who are selected to participate in a seven-day training programme offered by the Outward Bound School.



no application needed


Resident Initiative Award

Outstanding residents who have organized programs that promote Hall Life Education to peer residents.

No fixed quota

Up to HK$5,000

by hall nomination


The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong Outstanding Student Awards

The awards are made available by the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong as a support towards the whole person education ethos of the University. One graduating student from each of the seven Schools/ Faculties with outstanding performance in academic studies and extracurricular activities shall be awarded.



by school/ faculty/academy nomination


WKF Scholarship for Learning & Exchange in One Belt One Road Regions 
王錦輝交流學習獎學金 ─ 一帶一路地區

Students who have been admitted to short-term experiential learning programme in one belt one road regions (except China, Taiwan and Macau) organized by the Office of Student Affairs. Eligible Students should have outstanding cGPA, good character with strong leadership abilities, as well as active participation in extra-curricular activities and services/contributions to the community.

not fixed

HK$5,000 or above

by Office of Student Affairs’ nomination


Wofoo Foundation Outstanding Leaders Awards

Students who are not studying their first year of study at the University with outstanding performance in leadership, service and civic education in the university and the community. Eligible candidates should be active members of HKBU Wofoo Leaders’ Network with good academic performance. For details, please click here.

not fixed

HK$5,000 (Silver Award) or HK$10,000 (Gold Award)

open application in Oct-Nov *individual application needed