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Scholarships & Awards for Outstanding Leaders or Other Achievements



Descriptions/ Eligibility

No. of Recipients

Amount per Recipient

Application Method


Hall Awards for Outstanding Residents

Outstanding Hall residents who have substantial contributions to the Halls.

No fixed quota

HK $1,500 to HK$ 5,000

by Hall nomination


Hall Fee Awards for SU Student Leaders

President and Vice-Presidents of the Exco. of SU, as well as Chairman of the SU Council or SU Editorial Board may be nominated to receive the awards.


one-year hall lodging fee

by SU nomination


HKBU Outstanding Student Leaders Award

Year 2 or above undergraduates who have: a. satisfactory academic performance; b. good attitude and communication skills; c. strong leadership qualities as demonstrated in extra-curricular activities; d. outstanding record of services/ contributions in the university or/and community



open application in Feb-Mar *individual application needed


HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Talent Development Scholarship

Outstanding students who have demonstrated achievements or talent in the following non-academic areas: (a) Sports and games; (b) Music and performing arts; (c) Culture, arts and design; or (d) Innovation, science and technology.

no fixed quota




open application in Dec-Jan *individual application needed


MI Asia Awards

All graduates of HKBU (including the School of Continuing Education) with First Class Honour/Distinction (for SCE) or Second Class Division I Honour.

no fixed quota

Free magazine subscription

by university nomination


Outstanding BBA Student Leader Scholarship

BBA students of at least Year 3 standing who has attained a cGPA of 3.00 or above; and made significant contributions to the School of Business/ HKBU/community continuously for at least the past two years; and demonstrated strong leadership through his/her services.

up to 2


by school nomination


Providence Foundation Outward Bound Leadership Training Award

Students who are selected to participate in a seven-day training programme offered by the Outward Bound School.



no application needed


The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong Outstanding Student Awards

 One graduating student from each of the seven Schools/ Faculties with outstanding performance in academic studies and extracurricular activities shall be awarded.



by school/ faculty nomination