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International Youth Conference on Social Innovation

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Unleashing Creativity for Social Good


- Enhance your understanding of social innovation;
- Be inspired by local and overseas professionals who actively respond to dynamic societal needs with innovative and creative solutions;
- Meet young people from around the world to exchange ideas and share experiences in creating social impact


- Thematic Seminars & Workshops
- Local & Overseas Social Innovation Projects Fair
- Community Exposure
- Networking Opportunities with Industry Professionals
- Cultural Tours


About the Organisers

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

University & College YMCA Department

YMCA Building


Embracing the mission of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, “To Serve, not to be Served”, University & College YMCA Department is committed to shaping youths into future leaders with strong adaptability, creative insights and passion for serving the society through an array of distinguished learning experiences focusing on Global Citizenship, Community Engagement and Christian Action.

Since 2003, eight University YMCAs and one College YMCA across eight tertiary institutions in Hong Kong have been established, serving over 5,000 members. In 2013, the Alliance of University & College YMCAs was founded to unite the efforts of young people to make positive impacts on the local and global communities through organizing joint-university/ college activities and mass events.


Hong Kong Baptist University

Office of Student Affairs

HKBU Shaw Campus


In line with the mission of Hong Kong Baptist University to provide a higher education that develops and sustains the integrity of the whole person, and its values of strong commitment to both academic excellence and community service, the Office of Student Affairs strives to facilitate the total development, including the character and competence of students, through the provision of quality services and co-curricular programmes, as well as the cultivation of a congenial yet stimulating learning environment on campus.

The Office of Student Affairs also aims empower HKBU students to become committed global and local citizens, assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges and to become proactive contributors in local community.




"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein.”

Around the globe, “Social Innovation” has become a growing interest among educators, social workers, businessmen or even policymakers. According to Stanford Business Centre for Social Innovation, a social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than present solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals.  It has also emerged as a response to dynamic social, environmental and demographic challenges. Young people, as future leaders of the society, must get to know the important concept of social innovation and be empowered in order to contribute to the sustainable development of their country and the global village.

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University believe in the unlimited potential of young people to use their ideas, talents and voice for the greater good. To inspire young people around the world to actively respond to dynamic societal needs and contribute to the society with innovative and creative solutions, the International Youth Conference on Social Innovation will be held from 19 to 22 July, 2019, synergizing collective endeavors and wisdom for the betterment of society.


Date: 19 – 22 July 2019 (Friday – Monday)
Venue: Hong Kong SAR, China (The Cityview, Hong Kong Baptist University, etc.)
Eligibility: Young adults aged 16 to 29 OR staff in-charge of youth work who are interested in social innovation
Accommodation*: Undergraduate Halls of Hong Kong Baptist University


The first 50 successful applicants will be offered accommodation in Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House.



30 April 2019  (Limited quota applies.)


USD100 per person* + Additional Expenses# (self-arranged)

*Fee includes meals, accommodation and local transportation in Hong Kong.
#Additional expenses (self-arranged) includes round-trip air tickets, travel insurance and VISA application fee (if any).



12 April 2019 (Limited quota applies.)


HKD750 per person* 

*Fee includes meals, accommodation and local transportation in Hong Kong.

Programme HighlightsGuided Cultural ToursProgramme Schedule






Keynote Address

Finding your path to social change

Award-winning low cost carrier AirAsia has redefined the travel norms of millions of people across Asia. Now, AirAsia Foundation aims to do the same in the field of corporate philanthropy. Executive Director Yap Mun Ching shares the transformation of AirAsia Foundation from a grant-giving organisation to a social enterprise hybrid. Learn how the path of becoming an agent of social change can have many origins and routes, depending on one’s skills, experiences and initiative. 


Thematic Seminars

  1. The Power of Design Thinking
  2. Social Innovation as Spiritual Renewal
  3. Let Your Idea Be Heard

To know more about our speakers, please <Click Here>.

community exposure


Community Exposure

From poverty, aging, social inclusion to disability inclusion, participants will be divided into groups to visit local community centres, or even homes of their service recipients. You will get the chance to interact with locals from low-income families, elderlies who are living in public housing, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities…etc, so as to understand their daily needs and challenges.

brainstorming session


Brainstorming Session

We value your observation and your ideas for social good. After the community visits, participants will join together to share feelings and observations in the Brainstorming Session. With the facilitation from professional trainers, you will be guided to generate innovative solutions to address specific social problems using the Design Thinking methodology.

human library


Human Library

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. From social innovation startups to well-established social enterprises, listen to the bittersweet stories of our broad selection of young social entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and be ready to get inspired by their ups and downs in running social innovation projects.

To know more about our speakers, please <Click Here>.


Local & Overseas Social Innovation Projects Fair

An outdoor public fair that gathers the wisdom of innovation projects / social enterprise around the world. Both local and overseas social innovation projects / social enterprise are invited to showcase their work through interactive means, to the public and mostly importantly… you!

To know more about our exhibitors, please <Click Here>.

Wanna register to be an exhibitor, please <Click Here>.


Ping Shan



The Sheung Wan district is a traditional Chinese residential and commercial district at the northern coast of Hong Kong Island. It was also the place where Dr Sun Yat-sen was educated and baptized, and later planned for the revolution with his comrades. The Sheung Wan Route covers 35 historic buildings and sites, including the historic sites of the Dr Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail set up by the Central and Western District Council, buildings of different religions, and also traditional Chinese buildings and historic sites.

Source: Antiquities and Monuments Office, HKSAR

central heritage trail



Apart from being hustle and bustle, walking around the Central district can be a relaxing journey. Visiting the latest local heritage and art landmark Tai Kwun is the best way to know more about Central and it is a must to check in in Central. Plus embracing the renowned harbor view from the perspective of Hong Kong Observation Wheel and glamorous top view of Hong Kong from the Peak will make the tour more complete.




The Sham Shui Po district is located in the heart of Kowloon, which is also well known for its unique local cultures. From visiting heritage building Heritage of Mei Ho House, tasting street food, to enjoying the stunning view of Garden Hill, the trail provides an all-rounded experience to let you explore more about Sham Shui Po.



19 Jul  (Friday)

20 Jul (Saturday)

21 Jul (Sunday)

22 Jul (Monday)


Arrival, Registration & Check-in

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Address

Thematic Seminar II

- Values and Ethics in Social Innovation

Thematic Seminar III

- Let Your Idea Be Heard

Human Library

- Stories of Young Social Entrepreneurs

Thematic Seminar IV

Social Innovation Challenge

Closing Ceremony


Community Exposure

 (Getting to know social problems)

  • Poverty
  • Aging
  • Social Inclusion
  • Disability Inclusion

Local & Overseas Social Innovation Projects Fair

(Open to public)

Departure /

Guided Cultural Tours



Orientation &



Welcoming Dinner

Thematic Seminar I

 - The Power of Design Thinking

 (Identifying social needs)


Brainstorming Session

(Generating  innovative solutions)

Free Time & Sightseeing

Keynote Speech & Thematic TalksHuman Library

Keynote Speech

Yap Mun Ching


Ms. YAP Mun Ching
Executive Director
AirAsia Foundation

Mun Ching is Executive Director of AirAsia Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the AirAsia Group whose mission is to support social enterprise growth in ASEAN. She set up the foundation in 2012 with a vision of changing the way businesses contribute to society. The foundation gives grants to social enterprises, mentors them and mobilises AirAsia resources to grow their business. To date, the foundation has nurtured over 20 social enterprises in seven ASEAN countries.

Before running the foundation, Mun Ching was the Head of Strategic Planning at AirAsia during the airline’s rapid growth into ASEAN and China. She has been a journalist and a special officer to the Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry. Mun Ching is an Asia21 Fellow (2011) and a former ASEAN Scholar.

 Thematic Talks

Simois Ng


Ms. Simois NG
Head of Marketing Communications
Sony Hong Kong

Since 2013, Simois Ng has been in charge of Sony Hong Kong’s Marketing Communications Department, which consists of online and social media, eCommerce business, advertising & promotion as well as corporate communications.  She focuses on formulating the company’s integrated strategies of marketing communications and corporate communications to elevate the brand image to a higher level. Before taking up her current role, she was mainly responsible for online and database marketing as well as CRM. 

Simois has led her team to win various highly recognized marketing awards.  Additionally, she has been invited as a member of judge panels for marketing and public relations contests. Simois has also attended industry seminars on CSM, retail management, and online content as guest speakers. She supports knowledge transfer initiatives of universities. 

She also actively promotes and participates in corporate social responsibility activities, including the Unheard City Stories project organized by Sony Hong Kong.  This CSR initiative was presented the “Excellence in CSR” Gold Award by the Marketing Magazine end of 2018.


Dr. Kwok Wai Luen


Dr. Kwok Wai-Luen
Associate Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy
Associate Director, Centre for Sino-Christian Studies
Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Kwok serves as President of the Society for the Study of the History of Christianity in China (2018-2020), and a member of the Theology Committee of Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Union of Hong Kong (2009-2019). He received his MSocSc in Counselling from City University of Hong Kong, MDiv and ThM in Christianity and Chinese Culture from Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong, and PhD in Theology from King’s College London. He has edited and authored 6 books, and published more than 20 journal articles on Chinese Christianity and Systematic Theology. He has been awarded two General Research Fund projects of Research Grant Council of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government since he joined HKBU in 2012. He is awardee of President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Teaching, 2018 of HKBU.

Human Library



Mr. Michael Fung
iSEE Mobile

iSEE is a team from Hong Kong.

Our goal is to break through social barriers, provide services and opportunities through information technology to facilitate equal social participation of the visually impaired.
Through mobile phone technology, the visually impaired can overcome the visual barrier to connect with society, and to live as if they are normal people.

Mr. Dodo Cheng Sharing Kitchen


Mr. Dodo Cheng
Sharing Kitchen

Sharing Kitchen aims to recruit the grassroots or middle-aged persons for food production by making use of the sharing kitchen. The food produced will be sold on-site. This project not only alleviates labour shortage of the restaurants and helps them develop new products and increase revenue, but also boosts the confidence of the grassroots and motivates them to work and earn a living.

She also actively promotes and participates in corporate social responsibility activities, including the Unheard City Stories project organized by Sony Hong Kong.  This CSR initiative was presented the “Excellence in CSR” Gold Award by the Marketing Magazine end of 2018.

Rolling Books


Mr. James Chong
Rolling Books

Reading brings knowledge; knowledge gives children of underprivileged families the power to move upward on the social ladder.  Yet, partly because of the lack of creative ways of guidance, children often find reading boring and are reluctant to read any book. This discourages them from gaining knowledge through reading and hinders their upward mobility.

To address the problem, the venture aims to bring the joy of reading to children of underprivileged families so that they can enjoy an equal opportunity to enrich their knowledge sustainably through reading and learning.  An iconic van loaded with books will travel to village schools and rural communities and host different creative activities to encourage children to enjoy the fun of reading. Quality second-hand books will be collected from reputable reading communities and be offered to children of underprivileged families for free or at a very low price.


Yum Cha Together


Ms. Carmen Lee, Mr. Alan To
Yum Cha Together

"Yum Cha Together" is a social enterprise that hosts yum cha events for social good, with the mission of inheriting cate and love to the community through dim sum culture. We create a unique platform to connect the society (public, corporations, students, organizations) with under-resourced charitable organizations and their beneficiaries through visits and yum cha events. We embed GIVE AND TAKE element to empower beneficiaries to shine by demonstrating their expertise at the events, to increase their social recognition and self-confidence. As the same time, participants can also experience the joyful and unique experience of helping others.



Ms. Tracy Ng
Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES)

Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) is non-profit organization aiming to be the opinion leader in the social enterprises movement in Hong Kong. Through applied research, publication, and dedicated training, FSES provides insight and intelligence to social enterprises practitioners in Hong Kong. The Society was set up by Fullness Christian Social Enterprise which was the first social enterprise to raise capital through issuing stocks in 2008, promoting responsible consumption in 2009, and advocating knowledge volunteering in 2010.



Yum Cha Together


Mr. Matthew Kwok
Just Feel

Just Feel provide social emotional education support to school and teachers.



Ms. Natalie Chung
V'air Hong Kong

V’air Hong Kong is an environmental education organization with the aim of promoting low-carbon local tourism. Before 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21), Hong Kong Tertiary Schools COP21 Challenge was organized to invite innovative climate solutions. Tremendous amount of energy is required to power an airplane. Air travelling is a major source of greenhouse gas emission from Hong Kong people, leading to climate change and detrimental effects associated. Promoting local tourism is a solution to reduce large emissions from aviation. Our team came up with V’air and captured the champion. V’air was established since then and continued to operate till today.


Yum Cha Together


Mr. Alan Wong
Yi O Agricultural Cooperation Ltd.

We are Yi O Agricultural Cooperation, a co-opt company jointly founded by the villages and a group of villages life lovers. We are undergoing the Yi O Village framing rehabilitation work, try to use farming as a core to rebuild the rural community economy, with the aim to revive the Village.

Senior CID


Mr. Derek Pang
Senior CID

Senior CID trains Hong Kong’s retired citizens to become top-notch pet sitters through professional training and practicum with abandoned dogs.
As a social enterprise, we empower our senior citizens to generate income while giving pet owners an option to give their pets the best care while they are on vacation or working late.


Yum Cha Together


Mr Luke Tam
Kaifong Tour

KaiFong Tour is a social enterprise in Hong Kong that provides alternative, experiential learning experience and training workshops catered to primary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations. With our guided community tours, training workshops and other community projects, we wish to bring forth a first-person perspective of a local neighbour to our participants. Through interactive engagement, we encourage participants including teachers, students and professionals from different established organizations to open up their imagination, explore local communities and reflect on various social issues.


For Overseas ApplicantsFor Applicants From Hong Kong


    • ​​​​Participant can enjoy a three-night stay at Undergraduate Halls of Hong Kong Baptist University with full access to all activities and programmes. Local transportation, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.
    • Eligibility: Young adults aged 16 to 29 OR staff in-charge of youth work who are interested in social innovation (Limited quotas applies.)
    • Step 1: Register Now <Click Here>
      Step 2: Settle payment to secure registration. Payment details will be sent to your registered email upon successful online registration.
  • Register as an OVERSEAS EXHIBITOR of the Local & Overseas Social Innovation Projects Fair
    • Eligibility: Founders or practitioners of social innovation project / social enterprise outside Hong Kong
    • Registration Deadline: 24 April 2019 (Wednesday)
    • Selected overseas exhibitors will receive a confirmation email on or before 24 May 2019 (Friday).
    • Return the signed agreement (to be provided later) and a copy of round-trip flight tickets of all representatives to as a proof of your commitment in the Conference.
    • Overseas exhibitors are invited to share the mission, vision and contents of their social innovation projects / social enterprises through exhibition boards, display of products, interactive games, workshop and etc. All information in the exhibition needs to be displayed in English or Traditional Chinese.
    • Each overseas exhibitor will be provided with ONE booth (approx. 2m x 2m), ONE long table, TWO chairs, and two exhibition boards (approx. 1m width x 2m height) to showcase their work in the Fair.
    • Each overseas exhibitor successfully admitted to the Fair will be offered the followings for a maximum of 4 representatives*:
      • Complimentary stay at The Cityview (Economy Room) from 19 to 22 July 2019
      • Subsidy on three meals per day plus local transportation
        *Accommodation for any additional representatives will be charged at USD105 per night per person.
    • Round-trip flight tickets, travel insurance and VISA application (if any) of ALL representatives need to be self-arranged.
    • All representatives are required to attend the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of the Conference on 20 July 2019 (Saturday) and 22 July 2019 (Monday) respectively. Please reserve the time.
    • Register Now <Click Here>


  • Register as a LOCAL PARTICIPANT
    • Participant can enjoy a three-night stay at Undergraduate Halls of Hong Kong Baptist University with full access to all activities and programmes. Local transportation, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided.
    • Eligibility: Young adults aged 16 to 29 (Limited quota applies.)
    • Register Now <Click Here>.
    • Payment Method: Confirmation email with payment instruction will be sent to successful applicants on or before 16 April 2019.
    • Successful applicants who is under 18 on 19 July 2019 must submit the Parents/ Guardian Consent Form in order to take part in the Conference. Please <Click Here> to download the Parents/ Guardian Consent Form and submit the signed form with participation fee
  • Register as a LOCAL EXHIBITOR of the Local & Overseas Social Innovation Projects Fair

    Coming soon…



Tel: +852 2705-2397


Programme detailsTips on flights, arrival & departurePreparation for progammes by delegatesClothing & behaviourTo bring-listContact us


19 – 22 July 2019 (Friday to Monday)


Conference Venues

  1. Hong Kong Baptist University(香港浸會大學)
    Address: Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  2. The Cityview(城景國際)
    Address: 23 Waterloo Road, Kowloon

# Check-in Date: 19 July 2019 after 2p.m. / Check-out Date: 22 July 2019 morning #

  1. Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House, Hong Kong Baptist University*

32 Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  1. Undergraduate Halls, Hong Kong Baptist University

5 Baptist University Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

*The first 50 successful applicants will be offered accommodation in Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House.


Your Room


You will be allocated a Twin Room (two single beds), which you will share with 1 other delegate (same gender). Pillows, blankets and all bed linen are provided. No Wi-Fi service.



There are shared bathrooms in your accommodation and you will need to bring toiletries and towels with you for your own use.



  • Onsite registration will begin at 12:30p.m. while the first programme (Orientation & Team-building) will begin at 5:00p.m. sharp. Please arrange arrival flights in the morning or early afternoon of 19 July 2019 (Friday).
  • Complimentary airport transfer services from Hong Kong International Airport will be provided on 19 July 2019 (Friday) at 11:30a.m., 1:00p.m. and 2:30p.m. (HK Time) respectively. Our volunteers will be holding the IYCSI signage at the Arrival Hall A.
  • If you are going to the Conference on your own, please arrive at the reporting venue (Rev. James Mau Memorial Chapel G9, Undergraduate Halls, Hong Kong Baptist University) at 4:00 p.m. the latest at your own cost.
  • The Closing Ceremony will end at 2:00p.m. on 22 July 2019 (Monday) at The Cityview. Please arrange departure flights in the evening of 22 July 2019 (Monday) in order to enjoy the whole conference. Airport transfer services departing from The Cityview will be available at 3:00p.m.
  • Please send your flight details and passport copy to on or before 30 June 2019 (Sunday) and indicate in the email if you require the airport transfer service (pick-up on 19 July 2019 and/or drop-off on 22 July 2019) and the preferred timeslot(s) as mentioned above.
  • Planning to Stay Behind? We offer optional cultural/city tours in Hong Kong on 22 July 2019 (Monday) after the Closing Ceremony. The tour will end at around 6:00 p.m. Information regarding the tours and the registration procedures will be announced at our website ( in mid May. Limited quota applies. Delegates who wish to extend their stay in Hong Kong have to arrange their own accommodation and transportation.
  • Visa: You have to check if you need a Visa to travel to Hong Kong and apply beforehand. An enrolment letter will be issued to applicants who indicated that a letter is required to facilitate the Visa application.
  • Travel Insurance: Medical expense is very expensive in Hong Kong and we highly advise you to purchase Travel Insurance at your country before departure.
  • Currency Exchange: There is no Currency Exchange Service in/nearby the Conference venues. Please have your currency exchange done in the Airport.
  • Sim Card/Internet Access: As there is no Wi-Fi service in the Conference venues, you are suggested to purchase your Sim Card in your own country or upon arrival in the Airport.



  • To fully enjoy the conference, participants are advised to prepare:
  1. Basic information and examples of social innovation project / social enterprise (if any) in your home country with the theme below:
    • Poverty
    • Aging
    • Social Inclusion
    • Disability Inclusion
  2. Gifts / souvenirs (for exchanging in “Closing Ceremony”)
  3. National costumes (for “Welcoming Dinner”)


  • Upon arrival at Hong Kong Baptist University, you will be offered one Conference T-shirt.
  • Sport shoes are recommended at all times while flip flops or anything loose at the heel are not allowed during the programmes.
  • Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited at all times during the programmes and in the Conference venue as well as inside your accommodation. Delegates who fail to comply with this regulation will be disqualified.



You are reminded to bring the following items:

  • Light and comfortable clothing (hot and humid weather in Hong Kong, generally 26°C – 34°C in July)
  • Water bottle
  • Umbrella
  • Personal toiletries (shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Medication
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat
  • Electric adaptor (Voltage: 220V, three-pronged UK-style plug)
  • National costumes & Souvenirs



IYCSI2019 Admin Team
Email:  Tel.: (852) 2705 2231

Look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong this Summer!12



Reporting venue of the Conference:
Rev. James Mau Memorial Chapel


Q: How to go to the reporting venue of the Conference?

  1. By Bus (Citybus No. E22)

    You may take Citybus No. E22 (time 0530-2400 hours) at the Airport Ground Transportation Centre to “Kam Shing Road, Junction Road” (HK$18). The whole journey will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  2. By Taxi

    You may take an urban taxi (red) at the Airport Terminus to HKBU which takes about 45 minutes and costs about HK$300 (inclusive of bridge/tunnel fees). 

    In addition, HK$6 (red taxi) will be charged per piece of baggage. 

    Show the taxi driver the address stated below (The undergraduate Hall is near the gathering point: Rev. James Mau Memorial Chapel.).

    You can use this address when you need a taxi to get to HKBU during your stay in Hong Kong. (some taxi drivers do not speak and/or understand English)
  3. By Train

    You may take the Airport Express Train to Kowloon Station (HK$105). From Kowloon Station, take a taxi to HKBU.

    Show the taxi driver the address stated below (The undergraduate Hall is near the gathering point: Rev. James Mau Memorial Chapel.)

    The ride takes about 20 minutes and it costs about HK$65.

    In addition, HK$6 will be charged per piece of baggage.


    香港  九龍塘  浸會大學道5

    Undergraduate Halls
    Hong Kong Baptist University, 5 Baptist University Road, Kowloon Tong,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong



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