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ICAC Ambassador Programme

ICAC Ambassador Programme

  • To equip students with knowledge and skills to be effective and ethical leaders;
  • To enhance ownership and enlist the support of tertiary students for the anti-corruption work in Hong Kong. 

Who Can Join

Full-time undergraduates of HKBU 香港浸會大學全日制本科生


The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has long been engaged in promoting probity messages to tertiary students through different channels. Since 2007/08, the “ICAC Ambassador Programme” is organised to enhance ownership of tertiary students in integrity related issues.

The Programme has been extended to 22 local tertiary education institutions (TEIs) and about 140 tertiary students will be recruited as “ICAC Ambassadors” every year. This programme, which received favourable response from students and the institutions concerned, provided a platform for tertiary students to take the initiative to organise on-campus and social media activities for disseminating integrity messages. ICAC Ambassadors will become i-League+ members automatically.

+An association formed by the ICAC with over 1,500 former and present ICAC Ambassadors recruited from different local TEIs.

Benefits of Joining the Programme

The Programme helps the participating students to:

  • Meet more friends from other TEIs 認識不同院校的朋友
  • Participate in training activities of ICAC’s Operations Department 有機會參與廉署執行處的訓練
  • Summer Helper to work in ICAC’s Community Relations Department 有機會成為廉署暑期實習生體驗社區關係處的工作
  • Showcase your creativity in organising integrity promotion activities  發揮創意籌辦誠信推廣活動
  • Assist & participate in various ICAC activities 參與/協助不同類型的倡廉活動

Interactive Game Sessions: "Friends from Capsule" 不扭不相識

poster poster_eng


Integrity is fundamental in every relationship. However, linkage between one another has become distant amid the pandemic. Through toy capsules and integrity quiz games, we hope to engage you with interesting fun facts of probity, and a chance for you to demonstrate integrity by meeting new friends! Details are as follows: 

日期 Date: 
2022年4月11日(一) 至 4月15日(五)
時間 Time:
09:30 - 22:00 
地點 Venue: 
Instagram @ "buicac.linyi
語言 Language:
中文 Chinese 


 20 Sep - 8 Oct 2021
- Recruitment 招募
20 Oct 2021
- Selection Interview 面試
28 Oct 2021
- 1st Meeting 獲選廉政大使首次會議
7 Nov 2021
- Leadership Training 領袖訓練活動
Nov 2021 - May 2022
- On-Campus/Online/ Social Media Integrity Promotion Activities 籌辦誠信推廣活動
Jun 2022
- Closing Event cum i-League Annual Gathering 結業禮暨「愛‧廉結」周年聚會^

^  ICAC Ambassador will become i-League member automatically 廉政大使將自動成為由歷屆廉政大使組成的「愛‧廉結」之會員
*  Most of the activities will be conducted in Cantonese 大部份活動將以粵語進行


Online Application: (Deadline: 8 Oct 2021)
LQC facebook:
LQC instagram:


More information on :

HKBU ICAC Ambassador Instagram 專頁
HKBU ICAC Ambassador Facebook 專頁
“愛‧廉結” Facebook 專頁

Leadership Qualities Centre, Office of Student Affairs, HKBU

Room 401, 4/F., The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University

Telephone: (852) 3411 2333



Ms. Minerva CHENG (Youth and Moral Education Office, ICAC)


Telephone: (852) 2826 3391