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Volunteering Under Pandemic Series 2022

Volunteering Opportunity Under Pandemic



Volunteering Under Pandemic Series

Due to the recent outbreak of Omicron, schools have been suspended and children will be having their “summer holidays” in March and April. Elderly are staying at home, struggling with updates of epidemic prevention measures from the government. 

In order to provide support to the community, co-organising with the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong and Community CareAge Foundation, Leadership Qualities Centre are now recruiting volunteers to support different service recipients in facing the recent challenges.

The Volunteering Under Pandemic Series provides a variety of service opportunities for students to actively engage with the people in need in online channels, bringing positivity to the community, especially in this difficult time. Students are able to gain valuable experience, explore and discover new skills to maintain a healthy mindset during the programme. Students are also welcome to utilise their existing knowledge and talents in the programme, to collectively serve the community.



A.Children & Family Service Team (can choose one or more options in the following areas)

1. Assist and teaching interests activities for children (Handicrafts making, dessert making, games-holding etc), and provide technical support for online programmes

2. Short video recording and editing (information of parent and child, emotions, positive education, Chinese Medical Health Care, Point Massage, Diet Therapy, Sports, etc)

B.Elderly Service Team (can choose one or more options in the following areas)

1. Providing technical support for elderly using smart phone (especially for the Vaccine Pass arrangement), and regularly contacting the elderly to provide support and care

2. Short video recording or graphic editing (information of epidemic prevention measures, facing emergency situation while staying at home etc)


Service Period:

March to April 2022 (Including planning meetings and direct services. Actual dates to be discussed with teammates)

Volunteers Briefing Session: 8/3/2022 (Tuesday) night

Deadline: 6/3/2022 (Sunday)

ALL students are welcome to join & support!



For any enquiries, please contact Ms Manie Choi at 3411-2279/

About Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong

Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong (ELCSS-HK), one of the largest NGOs in Hong Kong, was established in 1976. With an innovative, caring and people-oriented approach, we provide integrated services to the grassroots and the disadvantaged. Currently we have more than 50 service units across the territory. We serve over 2 million head counts per year via services ranging from small children, elders, families, schools to the employment sector.


About Community CareAge Foundation (CCAF)

Targeting at the underprivileged elderly in Hong Kong, CCAF establishes community-based Nurse Clinics led by registered nurses and collaborated by registered social workers, based on the concept of community care. Holistic well-being of the elderly and care is achieved through targeted medical care, and psychological counselling. CCAF weaves a network comprising the elderly, their caregivers, and their dedicated team of healthcare professionals to promote an aged-friendly society with emphasis on physical and mental wellness.