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HKBU Alumni Gratitude Grant (AGG) 香港浸會大學恩傳助學金


The Grant was set up with donations raised by the Village CARE Campaign in 2019.  A group of HKBU alumni pledged a sum donation in support of students with special educational needs (SSEN). The Grant represents a way to show the alumni’s gratitude to their alma mater, an encouragement for the next generation of students to thrive in their own way. 


Through the applicants’ participation or organization of local or global activities/projects:

1. To enhance the overall competences of SSEN.

2. To enhance the sense of belonging, support and care of SSEN.



Full-time HKBU students studying UGC-funded or self-financed sub-degree or above level programmes, registered with special educational needs, as categorised as follows: 

  • Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Mental Illnesses
  • Physical/Mobility Disabilities
  • Speech Impairment and/or Language Impairment
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Visceral Disability/Chronic Illness
  • Visual Impairment
  • Multiple Types of Disabilities
  • Others

1. The proposed activities or projects must meet the objectives of the Grants as listed in the objectives above. The activities may include participation or organization of local or global experiential programmes, service-learning opportunities, short-term overseas study or service trip, language courses taken in Hong Kong, sports/music/arts or other skills training/courses taken in Hong Kong, etc. 

2. No retrospective application will be considered. 

3. Multi-application is accepted on different nature of proposed activities/projects in each academic year. 


Open application



1. Applications will be assessed on the basis of the followings:

  • Capability of fulfilling the objective of the Grant.
  • The impact and significance of the proposed activities/projects in fostering any of the seven HKBU graduate attributes of the applicants.
  • Effectiveness of raising participants’ awareness and understanding of SEN/disability/inclusion/equal opportunity.

2. Preference will be given to eligible applicants who have never received any SEN- related funding before.  

3. Up to ten per year subject to the availability of the funding source.   

4. Maximum Fundable Amount   

  • HK$12,000
  • Discretion will be exercised to approve additional grants for activities/projects with strong justifications and the initiatives are proven to be well deserved.

5. Eligible applicants can apply for grants to support their learning activities/projects in different types more than once. A separate application for grants should be made for each learning activity/project.   


HKBU Alumni Gratitude Grant (AGG) supports outside-of-classroom learning activities offered by HKBU Departments, Offices, student bodies and external organisations, which fall under the scope of the Grant. Suggested learning activities shall include, but not be limited to the following: 

Category Remarks 

Thematic training events with topics related to SEN/disability/inclusion/equal opportunity

Short-term overseas study or service trip, training programme, competition or conference 
  • Tuition fee and/or programme fees are granted. 
  • Local transportation costs, food, insurance and personal expenses are not granted. 
  • Personal overseas trips are not granted. 
  • Professional certificates/examinations are not granted.
Language learning courses 
  • Eligible students are recommended to take Language Learning Courses offered by our Language Centre, unless the interested courses are not offered by our Language Centre.
Sports/music/arts or other skills training/courses 
  • Participation in stand-alone professional certificates/examinations are not granted.
Research Study 
  • Eligible students must list out other sources of funding applied for/secured to avoid conflict of interests. 
  • Eligible students must list out other sources of funding applied for/secured to avoid conflict of interests. 


Rules & Regulations:

1. Please note that eligible students can only use the Grant to support their organisation and/or participation in outside classroom learning activities until the approved amount is depleted. 

2. For final year eligible students, each learning activity must be completed by 17 July of their graduation year

3. Students are allowed to receive the Grant with other funding resources concurrently provided that the total funding support obtained does not exceed the net fees/cost they have paid. Interested eligible students must declare their other sources of funding on the activity proposal AT LEAST SIX WEEKS prior to the start of the learning activities/projects along with all support documents. If other additional sources of funding are secured/confirmed after the submission, students should inform USSEN immediately about such an update. 

4. Students will not be reimbursed with any grant if they fail to complete the approved activity and submit all relevant documents, including official proofs and original receipts for the cost/fee paid. 

5. The Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to decide on each application and adjust the approved grant amount if deemed appropriate.

Application Timeline and Procedures

Timeline for 2023-24 applications

1 September 2023 to 30 June 2024 Application Period
Within 5 calendar weeks Notification of application result

Within 2 calendar weeks upon receipt of

the end of learning activity

Submission of required documents

Around 8 - 12 weeks upon submission of

completed set of required documents

Receive Reimbursement
15 October 2024

Deadline for submission of required documents

Interested students should:

1. complete the online application form,

2. submit the following supporting documents to USSEN via email:

(a) Supporting/information of the medical intervention/special transportation service related to the disability;

(b) Copies of most recent medical reports and/or supporting documents such as assessment report to prove your special education need(s);

Successful applicants shall:

1. be notified of application results within five calendar weeks after submission of all required documents/meeting held and further information provided if any;

2. receive and sign an offer letter of the grant;

3. submit the following documents within two calendar weeks upon the end of learning activity:

(a) a sharing article,

(b) original invoice and receipt from the service provider,

(c) bank account details and

(d) three photos;

4. not submit the above documents late as this may result in score deduction in applying for other HKBU SEN-related financial schemes;

5. be invited to present/share the application and outcomes;

6. receive reimbursement normally in around 8 - 12 weeks upon acceptance of the final auditing and submission of documents; and

7. hold valid HKBU full-time equivalent (FTE) studentship at the time of reimbursement, or no approved fund will be reimbursed. USSEN reserves the rights on the decisions of subsidy allocation and guidelines amendment at any time as appropriate.


For any enquires, please contact us at the Unit for Students with Special Educational Needs, Counselling and Development Centre, Office of Student Affairs: 

Tel             : +852 3411 5230
Email        :
Address   : Room DLB704A, Level 7, David C. Lam Building, Shaw Campus 

Opening Hours
Mondays to Fridays – 9:00am to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:30pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays – Closed


Recipients of HKBU Alumni Gratitude Grant 2022-23  

Chan Fai Hei PhotoCHAN Fai Hei, Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in 
Religion, Philosophy and Ethics



Chan Tsz Ying PhotoCHAN Tsz Ying, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.)
in Environment and Resources Management


Lau Batis PhotoLAU Batis, Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and 
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Biomedical Science


Lau Batis PhotoLAU Batis, Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and 
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Biomedical Science


Tang Tik Man PhotoTANG Tik Man, Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Translation


Tse Wing Tsz PhotoTSE Wing Sze, Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music 
[Direct Studies]

首先, 很高興成功獲得今次 的資助, 能夠讓我有足夠的資金作為旅費去參與這次宗哲系的16日歐洲遊學團。

這次遊學團的主要學習目標有四方面,分別是宗教、歷史、文化和藝術, 我們有幸能在歐洲五國遊學,分別是意大利、梵蒂岡、摩納哥、法國和瑞士,到訪了大約十五個城市,但其中主要以羅馬,梵蒂岡和日內瓦等城市為主。為了解這些國家和城市在宗教改革,文化復興和歷史的脈絡,作用和地位, 因此我們參觀了許多學校,教堂,藝術館和博物館,作為免勸和實地考察, 讓我們真實了解感受當時的互相交流, 令我們對這方面的成果加深了解,達到這次考察的目標。

但這次的遊學團中,我們亦遇到不少的障礙和要改進的地方,例如是語言上的交流和時間上的配合。因為這些國家其實並不是以英語為主,而我們有大量的地方需要去考察,因此在時間上我們需要更加謹慎地使用以及逗留的時間亦成為一些遺憾。我們在這次遊學當中,主動地運用英語去同當地人溝通,很幸運地以上所有的問題都比我們一一克服了。 在旅程完結回到香港後,我對當時的活動和觀看照片時進行了一些反思。由於在理解和交流過程仍有大量資料需要進行吸收和整理 ​...(more) 



Thank you HKBU Alumni Gratitude Grant for letting me able to join the Bali trip related to environmental protection.

I participated in a variety of activities during the service trip to Bali such as riding around the community, visiting a temple, cleaning the beach, etc. Exploring Bali’s environment and learning about how their culture interacts with it was a pleasant experience. In the same way, people offer rice and flowers to the god each morning. The herping period was also noteworthy because it allowed me to see Bali's wildlife.

As I could see from the location, it has caused significant environmental problems. However, the beach was considerably cleaner than Hong Kong. My impression of the beach cleanup was quite different from what I expected; it seemed too simple and there wasn't much trash, so I didn't feel like I could help. The fact that the beach cleanup did not reduce the amount of trash and was insufficient assistance in cleaning up the beach. It would be better if more information could be provided to the volunteers who helped clean the ...(more)



The grant covered the cost of the lesson fees, playing a crucial role in supporting my musical journey and maximizing the benefits of the guitar lessons.

The objectives of attending the guitar lessons were to improve my fingerpicking technique and learn a new chord progression. With the clear instructions and demonstrations from my instructor, by the end of the session, I was able to execute the technique with greater accuracy and speed. Additionally, I learned a new chord progression, expanding my repertoire and enhancing my ability to play different styles of music.

While the lesson was overall successful, I did encounter a few obstacles along the way. One challenge I faced was coordinating my fingers to execute the fingerpicking pattern smoothly. Initially, I struggled with synchronization, leading to some muffled notes. However, with practice and guidance from my instructor, I was able to overcome this hurdle and improve my coordination. ...(more)



The goals of attending the Thai boxing lessons were to enhance my technique and improve my physical fitness. During the lessons, one challenge I faced was maintaining proper form and balance during complex combinations. Coordination and footwork proved to be areas where I struggled, impacting the fluidity of my movements. However, with practice and guidance from the instructor, I made progress in these aspects. By the end of the session, I demonstrated improved precision and speed in executing various strikes and defensive moves. Furthermore, the high-intensity workout during the lesson significantly enhanced my cardiovascular endurance and overall physical strength.

To maximize the learning experience, I actively engaged and maintained focus during the lessons. I attentively listened to the instructor's explanations, sought clarification when necessary, and diligently practiced solidifying my learning. I also paid close attention to my form and technique, continuously striving for improvement. However, I acknowledge the need to be more proactive in seeking feedback from the instructor to address specific areas for improvement. Going forward, I will consciously seek guidance and constructive criticism ...(more)



I am delighted to have had the opportunity to study a summer course in London, and I am proud to say that I have achieved my learning objectives. Specifically, I aimed to gain knowledge about advertising and PR, and I feel that I have accomplished this goal.

In the advertising component of the course, I learned about the critical importance of understanding one's target audience and crafting a compelling message. Our instructor stressed the idea that truth is the most effective way to connect with people, and we focused on the art of storytelling in advertising. ...(more)



Throughout the online music cognition course, I gained a deeper understanding of how the human mind perceives and processes music, which is the most significant objective I aim for. The course covered a wide range of topics, including pitch perception, rhythm, and the emotional impact of music. Also, it covered a myriad of music psychology topics ranging from music and emotion, music and memory, to music marketing. The knowledge acquired is highly conducive to my future learning and career. ...(more)