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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



Special Educational Needs describe the needs of a student who has a difficulty which makes learning harder for them than typical ones. Students with SEN face academic challengers due to a disability or an impairment that can be a temporary or permanent condition.


There are direct and indirect disability discriminations. Direct disability discrimination means treating a person with a disability less favorably than another person without that disability, in comparable circumstances, on the ground of the disability. 

Indirect disability discrimination exists when a person applies the same requirement or condition to a person with a disability as well as to another person without the disability, but the outcome is detrimental to the person with the disability and the first mentioned person cannot show the requirement or condition to be justifiable. In such circumstances it is unlawful to treat a person with a disability and another person without the disability in the same way. This is because in some circumstances the person with the disability cannot comply with the requirement or condition due to the disability.

(Source: Disability Discrimination Ordinance, Code of Practice on Education, Equal Opportunity Commission)


There are some tips, available resources to support students with SEN from this website, please click here for details. Kindly encourage your groupmate to reach out to USSEN for assistance in appropriate manner.