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SEN Career Corner


Students with disabilities or special educational needs are strongly advised to acquire career coaching and guidance services on job search skills such as CV polishing, cover letter writing, interview techniques to have a well preparation for the careerpath. A series of career preparation, professional employment advices, personalized job matching services are provided by the government and relevant non-governmental organizations for students with disabilities or special educational needs.  


2022 Student Internship Scheme in the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

Scheme Details

Post Title:      Summer Intern

Duration:        Eight weeks in summer 2022 (two periods for selection from June to August 2022)

  • 20 June 2022 (Monday) - 12 August 2022 (Friday); or 
  • 4 July 2021 (Monday) - 26 August 2021 (Friday) 

Salary level:     Salary of HK$10,500 per month 

Remarks:         Click here for the job description and application form for further details. 

Application Period

Today - 7 March 2022 (Closes at 5:30 p.m.) 


  1. Be a permanent resident of HKSAR.
  2. Be a non-final year registered student with SEN studying a full-time bachelor degree, associate degree or high diploma course or equivalent (below Master level) in a local tertiary institution of HKSAR.
  3. Priority will be given to those who had not joined the Scheme before.
  4. Please also note that the “vaccine pass” arrangement for government employees has taken effect from 16 February 2022 onwards. The “vaccine pass” arrangement for government employees, including the number of vaccine doses required, may be subject to updates from time to time in light of the development of the COVID-19 epidemic situation.  CSB will notify nominated participants of the Scheme of the latest arrangement when CSB issues offers of appointment to applicants.


The Civil Service Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has launched an internship scheme for students with disabilities since 2016. The scheme aims at promoting a better understanding of the ability and potential of persons with disabilities within the Government and strengthening the competitiveness of students with disabilities before joining the job market.


  1. Completed cover page (at Annex A)
  2. Completed and signed application form (at Annex B)
  3. An essay of not more than 300 words (either in Chinese or English) on why you apply for the Scheme and what you would like to achieve for

Submission of Application

Eligible students should submit a completed application along with a cover letter and required supporting documents by email to, 5:30 p.m., 7 March 2022 (Monday). Late or incomplete applications will not be processed.


CareER Jockey Club Thriving Grass Career Development Program

Are you seeking to improve your career prospects? Are you finding your career passion? Are you looking for career inspiration?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, check out the CareER Jockey Club “Thriving Grass” Career Development Program CareER 賽馬會「疾風草」職涯發展計劃!

This program is designed to provide you with an array of career and personal development opportunities through:

 Summer/Off-cycle Internship at corporate, social enterprise, NGOs and start-ups.

  • Job Skills & Leadership Training Workshops covering workplace communication, personal branding, and self-leadership
  •  Personality Assessment, Career Coaching & Counseling conducted by qualified professionals
  •  Experiential Learning Activities such as expressive art workshop, accessible hikes and seasonal gatherings, at which you can discover new interest and make new friends
  •  Alumni Sharing Events, at which CareER alumni from different industries and backgrounds will share with you their career journeys


For university students and graduates with disabilities or SENs, please attend the Information Day* and prepare the latest CV with details as follows: 

About Information Day*: 

Date: 9 March 2022 (Wed) 

Time: 12 noon - 2:00 p.m. 

Format: Zoom (Event link to be sent)

Language: English 


1. Welcome and introduction to the Thriving Grass Program
2. Member Engagement and support – CareER student/Alumni Union
3. VIA introduction and Career Coaching
4. Let’s talk ADHD
5. Panel Sharing by Inclusive Employers and former CareER Interns
6. CRM introduction
7. Q&A wrap up and call for action

*Program admission priority will be given to participants who have attended the Information Day. 

About Submission of Your Latest CV** 

Please submit your latest CV by email to on or before 6 April 2022 (Wed).

**Early application will greatly increase your chance(s) of getting an internship offer(s).

Phone: +852 9165 8812 



Career Empowerment Platform for People of Differences

WISEmpower 3rd Cohort Recruitment is opened for application. They provide People of Differences (PoDs) with a five-month job immersion experience via training and real business project to empower them to fit into mainstream employment.

Target participants:

PoDs of Diploma level or above with: Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Physical Impairment, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & Learning Disabilities.

Programme features:

  • Two-month pre-job training on business curriculum & ability enhancement, business communication, leadership and project management, career planning, survival skills at the workplace, interpersonal skills, etc.
  • Three-month job placement in dedicated employers’ office
  • Personalized inclusive job coaching
  • Business projects at Dialogue Experience​

Application Deadline: 28 February 2022

Please submit your CV to by the application deadline. 

Ms. Candy Tang, Hands of Empower
Phone: Tel: +852 2310-0482 / +852 9836-0559


Project Name: 

Jockey Club Collaborative Project for Inclusive Employment – ‘Diversity Works’: Internship Portal for Youth with SEN 

Project Objectives: 

  • To enhance the employability of the participants through internship and training
  • To prepare the participants with widen perspectives for learning and working
  • To enhance the understanding of young adults with SEN among tertiary institutions, employers and the public

​Program/Service Highlights: 

  • Job exploration: The participants will explore different industries, working positions and career options to gain market insights and experiences. The employers and project staff will support participants to get prepared for developing various sets of skills such as team communication and cooperation skills.
  • Internship: The participants will be given internship opportunities to work for various agencies. It provides a real-life working environment to learn workplace culture, interpersonal skills and working strategy. Internship will be arranged based on the participant’s assessment results, portfolio and learning goals to make a suitable matching.
  • Demonstration Centre: The demonstration centre is a work station with various work settings and controllable equipment. It provides participants an individualized environment for job training, assessment and accommodation strategy.
  • Internship Matching and On-site support: Tailor-made matching services will be initiated to ensure suitable candidates with related talent fitting into corresponding employers. Based on the unique corporation needs, we provide professional consultation and support for business partners such as staff training and collaborative discussion for workplace modification and accommodation plans. 

Please click here for further details. 

Contact Us:

Tel: +852 2336 0210

Address: SAHK Youth Development Platform, No. 120-123, G/F, Man Wo House, Wo Che Estate, Shatin, N.T.                

MTR Summer Internship Programme for Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)



MTR starts the 2022 summer internship programme recruitment now! Application is open to all candidates and a separate queue with around ten quotas will be provided to students with special educational needs and ethnic minority students! 

Name:                                          MTR Summer Internship Programme 2022

Application deadline:                28 March 2022, Monday 

Online application forms:          HERE  (ONLY online applications can be accepted) 

Interview Dates:                          Mid April 2022 

All information collected will be treated in strict confidence and used for recruitment purposes only. 

Should you have any questions about the captioned post, please feel free to contact the following MTR staff:

Contact Person:

Ms. Agnes Ng


+852 2993 8278


Sharing of Student with Special Educational Needs (SSEN) 

Mr. Cheuk Ka Ho (Rex), physical disabled due to an accident, was fully engaged in the CareER Jockey Club Thriving Grass Career Development Program 2021. Take a look at what he would like to share with us.