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SEN/Disability Registration Procedures

For students with disabilities and/or special educational needs (SEN) and wish to receive additional support and special arrangements, please follow the official SEN registration procedure in respective offices as follows: 

  • Register with the School of Continuing Education (SCE) if you are admitted into programmes offered by the School of Continuing Education (SCE) or the College of International Education (CIE) in HKBU. Click here for more information. 
  • Register with the Graduate School if you are admitted into Taught Postgraduate (TPG) or Research Postgraduate (RPG) programmes in HKBU.  Enquiry: 3411 5127,
  • Register with the Academic Registry if you are admitted into Undergraduate (UG) programmes in HKBU. Enquiry: 3411 5838,

Registration Flow for Undergraduate Students

  1. Students are invited to declare their disability or special educational needs (SEN) to the Academic Registry on a voluntary basis in early September when they are newly admitted to HKBU. 
  2. Applicants are required to submit medical proofs and supporting documents of the registration (i.e. a professional assessment report issued within 3 years which must contain the diagnostic statement identifying the disability condition and the recommendation on reasonable academic accommodations/adjustments and or/other support services, proofs of special examination arrangements in public examinations) in person.
  3. Consent to release confidential information is to be obtained from the student to facilitate communication with parties concerned.
  4. Applicants will receive application result notification via email. 
  5. The Unit for Students with Special Educational Needs (USSEN) will contact registered students for an individual meeting to discuss further support that would be appropriate, reasonable, and effective, if necessary. 
  6. USSEN staff will liaise with those units about support services requested in order to facilitate student’s university life. 


  1. To provide relevant information and sufficient documentation to support your requests.
  2. To participate in your support planning and implementation process, such as checking with your course instructors on the special arrangements prior to in-class assessment dates, collecting feedback from course instructors on what works for you and what needs to be modified.
  3. To update the Academic Registry of any changes to your needs and/or difficulties. 
  4. Students are strongly encouraged to register their special educational needs, if any, as early as possible. Current students with valid HKBU studentships are also welcome to register their special educational needs anytime during the study when such needs arise. 
  1. Registration for disability or special educational needs (SEN) support is voluntary. Students are free to withdraw at any time without any consequences.
  2. Confidential data obtained from a registered student is used for the purposes of service arrangements, except where it is essential and under strict privacy agreement, or that it is required by law/regulation.
  3. The data collected will be handled with strict confidentiality in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong.
  4. Consent to release confidential information would be sought from the student during the declaration process. The registered student can request to review and amend the consent information at any time during the course of study at HKBU. The given consent will expire upon graduation.


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