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To enable students with disabilities and special educational needs actively engage in campus life, various support services and accessible facilities are available.

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All buildings on campus comply with the Statutory Regulations for “Buildings to be planned for use for disabled person”. Most buildings on campus are accessible via ramps or lifts. As the buildings were completed at different stages, their provisions for students with disabilities are in accordance with statutory requirements at the time of their completion and may, therefore, vary slightly. In this connection, small-scale improvements have been and will continue to be made to improve accessibility and safety matching the provisions with the latest statutory requirements. Some of the barrier-free facilities equipped/built on campus are:

Wheelchair lifting machine

Wheelchair lifting machine

  • Emergency call alarms are installed in disabled toilets.
  • Ramps, railings and tactile guide paths are installed on campus.
  • Lifts designated for the disabled are installed with Braille and tactile markings on the lift control panels and equipped with a voice announcement function.
  • Most of the escalators are equipped with audible warning signals to help the visually impaired identify the running direction of the escalators.
  • Wheelchair lifting machines are installed.

Enquiries on specific accessible facilities can be directed to the Estates Office’s 24-hour Security Control Centre on:

Ho Sin Hang Campus:                       +852 3411 5555
Shaw Campus:                                    +852 3411 7777
Baptist University Road Campus     +852 3411 6442

Full-time students with disabilities or special individual needs and studying UGC-funded undergraduate or postgraduate programmes can apply for residential halls with special arrangements subject to reasonable and feasible arrangements. Medical certificates and professional assessment reports are required.
Please note that students with SEN are still required to submit an online application within the application period. You may kindly refer to the application procedure as shown below (same as other students). For new students, you are encouraged to establish contacts with UG Hall Office as soon as you have received an offer letter of admission in early August. 

  1. Activate the Single-Sign-On Account for IT Services in order to apply for hall via the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort).
  2. Go to BUniPort > U-Life > Hall Residence.
  3. Read carefully the Undertaking and then submit the application.
  4. An acknowledgement email will be sent to you after your submission. Please contact the Undergraduate Halls if you do not receive the email.

 Payment of Hall Fees

  1. After you have submitted the hall application, a debit note will be posted to your Hall Application page. (i.e. BUniPort > U-Life > Hall Residence).
  2. Read the debit note and follow the payment instruction to settle the hall fee payment before the payment due date.
  3. Payment after the payment due date will NOT be accepted.

Telephone:  +852 3411 2600
Fax:              +852 3411 2757
E-mail:   (for UG on-campus Accommodation)
Address:     G/F, South Tower, Undergraduate Halls, 5 Baptist University Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Primary health care and subsidized dental care services are available to eligible students. 
Further information and appointment booking service are available via the University Medical Clinic, operated by a medical group under the contract with the University in the Health Services Centre.

Enquiries for Medical Services (Health Services Centre):                               +852 3411 7447
Enquiries for Off-campus Dental Service: Enrolment in Dental Scheme:      +852 3411 7997
Dental charges & appointment service:                                                              +852 2887 6656

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The Counselling and Development Centre of the Office of Student Affairs provides free, confidential counseling services to eligible students. This can help them to explore and understand themselves better, and become more self-directing and self-actualizing individuals. Programmes on personal development are also available at the Centre. 

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