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Licensed Guide Dog/Guide Dog in Training on Campus

A Guide Dog is one which has been specifically trained to assist people who are blind or are visually impaired. A Guide Dog can offer a greater choice of mobility and independence for users. 

The University generally prohibits individuals from bringing animals/pets inside any University-owned, leased or controlled buildings or structures.
However, the University welcomes the user with his/her licensed Guide Dog to access the campus for the purpose of assisting that person to carry out day to day activities. The University also permits staff member or student, as a trainer, to bring his/her Guide Dog in Training to access to the University’s estate and buildings for training where appropriate. Please kindly note that Guide Dog in Training must require the consent of the Estates Office concerned. Please click here to refer the policy listed by the Estates Office.  

In general, when Guide Dogs in Training are in the University properties, their owners/trainers must comply with the following guidelines: 

a) Consent 
Owners/trainers of Guide Dog in Training should provide information about his/her Guide Dog in Training and its duties requested by the Estates Office. 
The owner/trainer should also inform and obtain the understanding or consent, as appropriate, of respective stakeholders, such as the department/office, classmates, or event organisers, before taking the Guide Dog in Training to any indoor spaces or activities. 

b) Identification 
Owners/trainers must ensure their Guide Dogs in Training are clearly identifiable by the use of harnesses and/or identification tags when on duty on campus. 

c) Insurance 
Owners/trainers are responsible for ensuring their Guide Dogs in Training are well covered by full liability insurance. The University will not be held responsible or liable for any direct or indirect financial or other losses arising from the Guide Dog/Guide Dog in Training

d) Respect Access Restrictions 
All Guide Dogs in Training must respect access restrictions established by the University on grounds of health and safety. 

e) Animal Misbehaviour 
Preventing Guide Dogs in Training’ misbehaviour is the owner/trainer responsibility.  Owners/trainers should make sure their Guide Dogs in Training do not cause any harm or injury to others and damage to the University property. 

For more information about Guide Dog services in Hong Kong, please click the underlined words (arranged in alphabetical order) as follows:
Hong Kong Blind Union 
Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association Limited 
Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services



A BU trainer brings Guide Dog in Training (under Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association Limited)  to campus for training purposes. Guide Dog in Training is clearly identifiable by the use of harnesses and/or ID tags when on duty.