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The Committee on Students with Special Educational Needs (CSSEN) was established in 2017 to coordinate the provision of services to students with diverse needs and/or disabilities.

Committee on SSEN
Terms of Reference


To coordinate the administration of support/facilities for students with special educational needs (SEN).


To make recommendations to the Students Affairs Committee on policies, including but not limited to resources, related to students with SEN.


To advise the Office of Student Affairs and other concerned offices on programmes and activities to enhance support to and integration of students with SEN.


To coordinate and monitor the support provided to students with SEN and to advise on the educational activities to advocate diversity and inclusiveness in teaching and learning.


To submit an annual report to the Student Affairs Committee on the effectiveness and monitoring of the support provided to students with SEN.

Membership Composition

Director of Office of Student Affairs

Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) 
Three academic/teaching staff from Faculties/Schools/Academy, with one from CIE/SCE
Dean of Graduate School or his/her delegate
Academic Registrar or his/her delegate
Director of Estates or his/her delegate

Director of International Office or his/her delegate
Director of Information Technology or his/her delegate
Director of Centre for Innovative Service-Learning or his/her delegate
Director of General Education Office or his/her delegate
University Librarian or his/her delegate
Two student representatives, with at least one student with SEN invited the Chairman

Assistant Director of Office of Student Affairs
2021 - 2022 Membership List

Dr. Rosa TANG, Acting Director (SA)

Prof. Ricky WONG N S, Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)
Dr. Ava LAU, Lecturer II (SOWK) 
Dr. Francois MOUILLOT, Assistant Professor (HMW)         
Dr. Sam LAU S S , Principal Lecturer, Division of Applied Science (CIE) 
Ms. Angela O, Assistant Academic Registrar (GS) 
Ms. Vivien LAM P F, Senior Assistant Academic Registrar (AR)
Mr. Edwin FUNG Y K, Assistant Director of Estates (Project Management and Development Planning) (EO)
Ms. Sandy LEE L Y, Manager (Global Engagement) (INTL)
Mr. Charles LI H Y, Assistant Director (ITO)
Dr. Lisa LAM, Director (CISL)
Prof. CHIU Sung Nok, Director (GEO)
Mr. Chris CHAN, Acting University Librarian / Deputy University Librarian 
Mr. CHEUK Ka Ho, Student representative (COMM) 
Miss CHU Chui Ying, Student representative (SOSC) 
Ms. Wendy CHEUNG Y M, Assistant Director (SA)