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Eligible students are encouraged to apply for different special educational needs funds, grants, scholarships and awards. Please refer to the relevant websites for updates and details. 

HKBU Funding Schemes for Registered Students with SEN and/or disability 


Name Descriptions/Eligibility No. of Recipient Amount per Recipient Application Starts

HKBU Alumni Gratitude Scholarship (AGS) 香港浸會大學恩傳獎學金

Full-time HKBU students studying UGC funded degree or above level programmes, registered with special educational needs; 

Outstanding or significant improvement in academic performance and record of active participation in extra-curricular, service-learning activities, or internship. 



Up to 10 per year subject to the availability of the funding source. HK$15,000

open application in Nov - Jan



HKBU Alumni Gratitude Fund (AGF) 香港浸會大學恩傳資助

Full-time HKBU local students studying UGC funded degree or above level programmes, registered with special educational needs

Procurement of assistive, technological learning aids and equipment for SSEN’s study;

Acquisition of services, professional assessment, special medical, transportation intervention related to disability/SEN to support SSEN’s university learning;



Up to 8 per year subject to the availability of the funding source. 

Each applicant will be granted not more than HK$20,000 per academic year;

Only one successful applicant will be granted for a SSEN per academic year.

open application from 1 Jul to 30 Jun

HKBU Alumni Gratitude Grant (AGG) 香港浸會大學恩傳助學金

Full-time HKBU students studying UGC funded or self-financed sub-degree or above level programmes, registered with special educational needs; 

Participation or Organization of local or global experiential programmes, service-learning opportunities, research study, publication, overseas visit, etc;



Up to 10 per year subject to the availability of the funding source. 


Multi-application is accepted on different nature of proposed activities/projects in each academic year. 

open application throughout the year
4 Campus Inclusion Activities (CIA) Programme (for Students with Special Education Needs)

SSEN from each category of special educational needs faces different difficulties in participating in extra-curricular activities. Activities that are able to accommodate at least 1 category of the special educational needs may apply to register as Campus Inclusion Activities(CIA).


no fixed quota 70% of the promotion and production costs, with a maximum of $1,000 per application throughout the year

External Financial Aids and Funding Resources for Registered Students with SEN and/or disability (in alphabetical order)


Name Descriptions/Eligibility No. of Recipient Amount per Recipient Application Start
1 Adaptive Equipments' Sponsorship Scheme For Secondary School And Tertiary Students With Visual Impairment
Permanent resident of the HKSAR aged between 16-25 with visual impairment, and part-time/full-time students of Bachelor, Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Yi Jin Diploma or certificate courses/programmes recognized by the EDB. For purchase of assistive aids and equipment.  no fixed quota up to HK$10,000, depends on the equipment's required open application in Aug-Sept

Artists with Disability Development Fund 展能藝術發展基金


Be a permanent resident of Hong Kong

Be a person with a disability aged 30 or below


under HK$100,000

open application in Mar
3 CareER Scholarship Programme 2021 CareER獎學金計劃 2021  Any students and graduates with disabilities /SENs regardless of race and HKID holder; currently studying in or graduated from all UGC and self-funded institutes/degrees in Hong Kong (for Post-Secondary applicant. 5 HKD10,000  open application in Mar - Apr 
4 Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation
All patients with thalassemia major or intermediate who are permanent residents of Hong Kong are eligible to apply. Patients who have recovered after bone marrow or cord blood transplantation within five years, may also apply. no fixed quota HK$10,000 for continuing education courses & HK$5,000 for successfully enrolled in a Hong Kong Government recognized university* for a full-time degree course using the results of HKDSE of the current year N/A
5 Community Care Fund- Enhancing the academic expenses grant for students with special educational needs pursuing post-secondary programmes 
關愛基金 — 增加就讀專上課程有特殊教育需要及經濟需要學生的學習開支助學金
Full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student with disabilities and passed the means test of TSFS or FASP. no fixed quota up to HK$8,680 and the actual amount of subsidy receivable is to be determined with respect to the student's level of assistance assessed n the means test of SFO open application in Jul-Dec
6 Deutsche Bank - CareER Born to Be Scholarship Programme 2022

Any students and graduates aged 24 or younger with disabilities/SENs; Hong Kong Permanent Resident holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card

no fixed quota HKD20,000 open application in Jan-Feb
7 Eden & Ling Kwok Scholarship 
Full-time undergraduate or postgraduate student with disabilities, good academic standing and financial needs. 1 HK$4,000 N/A
8 HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Endeavour Merit Award 
Full-time UGC funded undergraduate or postgraduate students with Special Education Needs (SEN) in pursuit of excellence in academic and other areas. 13 HK$15,000

open application in Dec-Jan 

*individual application needed

9 HSBC Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Scholarships for local students with disabilities in Business, Communication, Education, Science (applied and basic), Social Science, and Arts (Linguistics & Language, Translation, History, Geography, Fine Arts & Applied Arts), with GPA > 3.70.  Priority will be given to students from a disadvantaged background. 1 HK$50,000

open application in Nov-Jan

*individual application needed 

10 Lee Chu Shuk-Kwan Education Fund Award Scheme
Students with visual impairment and achieved outstanding results in the recent school or public examinations with the school's recommendation letter.  N/A
(based on Decision of the Judging Panel)
HK$5,000 approx. Nov every year
11 Li Kwan Hung Education Fund administered by the Hong Kong PHAB Association 
HK permanent residents; full-time students with disabilities; in need of financial assistance for educational purposes. no fixed quota no fixed amount

approx. Aug every year

*individual application needed

12 Paul CK Wong Memorial Fund
Geography undergraduate student(s) who is/are: (1) Physically challenged and have a good academic record; (2) In the absence of (1), other students with an outstanding academic record or with excellent extra-curricular services to the community. 2 HK$5,000 N/A
13 Simon K.Y. Lee & Lee Chi Hung Fund
Students with hearing impairment (hearing loss in the better ear is in the region of 50db or higher). no fixed quota no fixed amount open application in Jun-Sept
14 Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship/Fellowships for Disabled Students 
Full-time undergraduate (Year 2 or above) and postgraduate students with profound disabilities (permanent HK resident, seven years of study in Hong Kong for fellowship/5 years of study in Hong Kong for scholarship). Competition with students from other tertiary institutions is required. no fixed quota from HK$40,000-50,000

open application in September 

*individual application needed

15 Supportive Service For Tertiary Visually Impaired Students by Hong Kong Blind Union Provide support such as study and career guidance to:
1. tertiary students with visual impairment;
2. teachers, staff and social workers of tertiary institutes;
3. other tertiary students
no fixed quota production of accessible e-learning materials; offering consultation and case management services including career counselling programmes etc. throughout the year

Szeto Wah Education Fund - Szeto Wah Prize司徒華教育基金 -「司徒華獎」

Outstanding students who need to overcome difficulties to achieve their learning goals. N/A HK$10,000 open application in Feb
17 Mr. Tang Shun Cheung & Mrs. Tang Chan Sau Fun Scholarship
Full-time year 3 undergraduate student with Special Education Needs (SEN) and has received the highest cGPA (which must be 3.00 or above). 1 HK$9,500 Internal selection
18  The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship Scheme (local students) 
香港賽馬會獎學金 (本地生)
Outstanding local  Year 1 or 2 students in any discipline with excellent academic performance & active participation in community service. Renewable subject to the student’s achievement in subsequent years. One scholarship is dedicated to a student with special educational needs.  1 HK$113,000

open application in Sept

*individual application needed

18 The Jockey Club IT Scheme for People with Visual Impairment
Individual PVI who demonstrate a need for the supported items for studies but their schools do not provide such aids and themselves cannot afford such aids due to genuine financial difficulty. Applicants have to be nominated by the designated organizations and satisfy other conditions set out by the Social Welfare Department. no fixed quota depends on the computer aids required open application in Apr-May
19 T.M. Gregory Memorial Scholarships for Deaf Individuals
Students with hearing impairment (hearing loss in the better ear is in the region of 75db or higher). no fixed quota no fixed amount open application in Mar-Apr

For details about scholarships and financial aids, please click here.