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University Financial Aid - Bursaries and Loans

Bursaries and loans, which are donated by private organizations, professional bodies, firms and individuals, are allocated to full-time students with genuine financial needs. For some donations, the students’ field of studies, academic performance and other criteria set by the donors may also be considered. University bursaries and loans are normally for full-time students taking UGC-funded / publicly-funded programmes, except a few faculty / department-based bursaries. In 2021-2022 academic year, around 170 bursaries will be awarded through the University to students in various disciplines of study, with the total combined value amounting to approximately HK$1.4 million. 


Students can apply for the University Bursaries and Loans at the beginning of the academic year. Applications will normally be open in around mid August and closed in mid to late September. There will be internal vetting of applications. Scholarships and Financial Aid Unit (SFA) will send the nominations to the donors and the approvals are subject to the donors.

Application for University Bursaries and Loans 2021/22: 23 August 2021 to 17 September 2021.

Notification of Application Results

Application results of successful application will be released via emails in the second semester or as soon as approval/confirmation from the donors is received. You may assume that your application is unsuccessful if you do not hear from us by 15 June.