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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - YEUNG Wing Kwan

YEUNG Wing Kwan


YEUNG Wing Kwan (Government and International Studies)
Recipient of Hong Kong Association of University Women Undergraduate Scholarship 2020-21

As a student majoring in Government & International Studies (GIS), I value critical thinking, diversity and communication skills. I am passionate about communicating with people and knowing friends from different backgrounds. 

It is my deepest honour to receive this award. The scholarship not only helps to lighten my financial burden, but also provides me chances to reach out to more organizations for community services. Since one of my hobbies is doing voluntary work, I aspire to devote myself to helping people who are in need in Hong Kong and all over the world. I am sure that I can put more effort into helping people, through the form of voluntary services in both Hong Kong and foreign countries.

‘You will never know until you try’, this is my favourite motto as it inspires me to try all my best before thinking about the results. I will never know until I start my first step, so why don’t I just try my best to fight for what I want or am interested in? We may not be able to change the world, but I always believe that a small step can make a difference. This is also why I am engaging myself in various activities and voluntary work and trust that I can make a change in the community through striving for excellence. 

Under the new normal, we do not have many opportunities to meet friends and classmates. I sincerely hope that our university life can back to normal and all of us can participate in activities through meeting each other face to face in the near future.

Thank the Hong Kong Association of University Women once again for offering me this scholarship. I believe that my future career will also be related to helping people and becoming a pillar of society.

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