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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - YUEN Ka Mei



YUEN Ka Mei (Social Work)
Recipient of HKBU Alumni Gratitude Scholarship 2020-21

As teenagers, we are the future of the world, so we ought to take up the responsibility to care about society. After I was diagnosed with Leukemia and Avascular Necrosis in Form 5, I had to suspend school and even stay at home for more than two years. Because of this experience, I have more understanding about the psychological feelings and physical needs of people who are suffering from chronic illness. It inspired me that apart from taking care of people’s physical health, we should also be attentive to their innermost being. Moreover, I learned that empathy is a very crucial element to put yourself in one’s shoes and we should be genuine to others.

Although I am not great enough to change the world, I believe that many a little makes a mickle. Therefore, I aspire to participate in social work to make a positive use of my experience and contribute to the community. As a social work student, I have a keen sense of mission and intention to seek for righteousness. I am eager to help develop and advocate an inclusive and diverse society. To achieve this goal, I have been working hard to equip myself and enhance my professional development. Through attending courses like Mental Health First Aid, Narrative Practice Courses and Bereavement Course, I was trained to understand a person's development through different lens and analyze every incidence with a holistic vision. Besides, I devoted to participating in various voluntary work such as Barrier Free City Orienteering, Inclusion Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor Program to enrich my experience . 

I appreciate so much for receiving the HKBU Alumni Gratitude Scholarship (AGS) which supports my dream both financially and spiritually. It acknowledges my efforts in both study and commitment in personal development. Although I may not be the most outstanding student, I have tried my very best to conquer difficulties and to strive for excellence. Moreover, I worked hard to equip myself to be a better social worker. I wish I could get the opportunity to fulfill my dreams further and make a good use of my own experience to encourage and care for others. Last but not least, I would pay effort to help promote social change and create a better society for the needy.

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