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Sharings of the recipients of HKBU Outstanding Student Leaders Awards 2020-21


CHAN Pak Yiu

CHAN Pak Yiu (Advertising and Branding)

Being a leader is never easy as unprecedented challenges arise in the ever-changing society. To be a compatible leader, it is always important to bear in mind in discovering the greatness from others as well as being humble to learn more. Everyone, including leaders, does make mistakes therefore its priority is to listen yet not to command. All in all, I am honored in receiving the award and I will continue to strive my best for the upcoming challenges.


CHAN Wai Wing

CHAN Wai Wing (History and Liberal Studies Teaching)

"Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example." As a student leader, we should be the role models of others and serve the community. Positive action, attitude, and mindset should be performed as an example for others. Keeping passion and being humble are the important qualities of a students leader. Passion can give us the power to move forward and influence others. Staying humble and serving, instead of staying in a high position.  


DONG Yunhao


DONG Yunhao (Applied Economics)

In a post-COVID-19 world, uncertainty is the “new normal”. Therefore, to be a student leader under the new normal, he/she should be a resilient, agile, and collaborative problem-solver capable of taking on the challenges. The leader is required to marry the acquisition of academic skills with the building of behavioral competencies such as agency, collaboration, problem-solving, creativity, and life-long learning in this ever-changing world.

FENG Jiaqi

FENG Jiaqi (Government and International Studies)

A student leader should induce the principle of non-discrimination and inclusiveness in his or her team, and this could further enhance the betterment of society. In particular, during the pandemic period, one of the outstanding problems is discrimination. As student leaders, it is our responsibility to contribute to a more dynamic community in the university and encouraging your schoolmates to fully engage in the mix of cultures.


HUI Ka Yan

HUI Ka Yan (Government and International Studies)

‘What qualities should a student leader equip themselves with?’ It is a question often being asked in the interview. However, the most important is to discover your true self. Think of what’s your passions, strengths, and uniqueness! By understanding ourselves, exploring what we want to achieve, and starting with a small step, we eventually can make each step in our journey of becoming change-makers meaningful and successful.

JIMEE Flowera

JIMEE Flowera (Finance)

"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” - a vision shared by Bill Gates emphasizes on the importance of empowerment. I aspire to become a social leader who will empower people and lead projects that have a long-lasting impact in the world. In this long journey for impact, I am motivated to increase my own capabilities and pair it with necessary life skills to achieve my goals.


LOO Chun Hei

LOO Chun Hei (European Studies – German)

Leaders may have lots of wonderful ideas and establish a vision in order to create a better society. Leaders set objectives that reflect that vision and devise strategies to achieve those goals. However, do not just dream about what you are going to do. Actions speak louder than voices. Not only plan well but also do action to reach the goals.

NG Pak Ki

NG Pak Ki (English and Education)

I am deeply honoured to receive this award. As outstanding student leaders, we should be role models of our fellow students and help promote effective leadership skills in our university and society. Being goal oriented, encouraging and responsible are qualities that student leaders thirst for. Stay positive and be the change you want to see during the rapidly changing world!


PAN Jingyi

PAN Jingyi (Film and Television)

From 2020 to 2021, the social movements and Corona virus shifted our life greatly. We generation are in the midst of one of the most challenging and overwhelming times in the history Due to the ever-changing conditions of the pandemic, teachers and schools are continuously forced to adapt in order to safely educate students, and we struggle in fitting the e-learning mode as well. And to be completely honest, this experience has been exhausting. Truly. But it’s also been incredibly inspiring. I’ve seen just how hungry my classmates are to connect, learn, and grow. As student leaders, we acknowledge our perspective is centered around building a comprehensive school culture. And I think student leaders, as representative, should courageously showing up to collect ideas on creating good e-learning experiences, and give feedback to school.


WONG Wai Ting


Wong Ting Wai (Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Science)

John C. Maxwell once said, ‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way’. Seriously affected by the pandemic, people are trying to establish a new normal. Facing such unprecedented hardships, as a leader, it is of paramount importance to be equipped with a clear vision for achieving certain goals as well as the flexibility to adapt to the constant alterations in the environment. Only if the leader shows the way, can the others follow.

YEUNG Tsz Ching

YEUNG Tsz Ching (Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Science)

Under the new normal, students are confined to an online learning module. Many think that it is more challenging to serve the community.

For me, the challenge can be taken as an opportunity to contribute in an innovative way. I created an online platform Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Digital Assistant, combining my Chinese Medicine knowledge with AI and big data, to provide free regimen advice to the public during the pandemic. I tutored and mentored secondary school students via online communication applications as well. These are effective means to serve under the new normal.

Student leaders are humble to learn and committed to contribute to the society. The Coronavirus is a new opportunity for us to open to new ideas and serve with alternative

YU Wai Tat Jerry


YU Wai Tat Jerry (Creative and Professional Writing)

I believe that all-around education is very important in nowadays. As a social leader, I wish to guide the teenagers to discover themselves more and develop in all aspects, not only about book knowledge, but also leadership, communicating skill, self-confidence, etc. I am now a volunteer tutor of the youth uniformed group: Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps. In the future, I will continue to work on helping the personal grow of the student members.


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