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Extended Non-means Tested Loan Scheme (ENLS) (for students who are NOT covered under the TSFS and FASP)

ENLS is extended to provide financial assistance in the form of loan to students who are not covered under the TSFS (Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes) and FASP (Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students) to meet their tuition fees. Interest will be commenced once the loan is offered and until it is fully repaid. Interest rate will be adjusted according to the market. Administrative fees are charged for each application and annually thereafter until the NLS loan(s) and the interest accrued thereon are fully repaid. For the most updated information on interest rate and administrative fees, please visit the Government SFO website: .

Academic Year 2018/19

Details (e.g. eligibility, payment and repayment arrangements)

Before applying for ENLS, you are strongly recommended to read the ENLS Application Guidance Notes ( Chinese version / English version ) for details.

Application Form

ENLS 141E(2018) [English] / ENLS 141C(2018) [Chinese]
Application form and all loan documents are available for download ONLY. NO hard copy will be distributed. Relevant documents of the scheme can be downloaded at .

Administrative Fee

HK$ 260.00

Maximum Amount of Loan

Equals to the total tuition fee payable in the academic year, in any case should not exceed an aggregate of 12 months’ tuition fee(s) payable and the life-time loan limit. For details, please read Point 3 in Part I (page 2) of the ENLS Guidance Notes.

*Supporting Documents

The following documents (1-3) are served as the ONLY proof of your tuition fee payment of the academic year. NO other official proof can be issued to students individually. Please gather all the 3 documents and ask the Finance Office (FO) of the University to stamp on the documents, as one of the supporting documents for your ENLS application.

Please send the documents to FO (address below) with a self-addressed stamped envelope for certification. The returned envelope should have your address and carry sufficient postage for returning to the sender. Otherwise, FO will not be able to process your request. Please reserve enough time for delivery and handling your request.

Finance Office
Hong Kong Baptist University
Room 203,
Tsuen Wan Campus,
Riviera Gardens,
No. 2-12 Yi Lok Street,
Tsuen Wan, N.T.
[Documents certification for ENLS application]

  1. Official Receipt of your 2018/19 Semester 1 tuition fee payment*: please print it from your BUniPort account.
  2. Payment Schedule:
    Current students: FO website, “Students”, then “Tuition Fee”, then “Payment Schedules”.
    New students who do not have SSOid login yet: Academic Registry (AR) website:, Academic Calendar 2018-2019
  3. Tuition Fee Table: P.10-12 of Postgraduate Propectus 2018-19 from the website of Graduate School:

* If you apply for ENLS after you have paid for 2 or more instalments of tuition fee of the academic year, please print out the Official Receipts of ALL the payments (of the academic year).

Debit note of each tuition fee payment will be issued 2 weeks before Date of Payment.

Submission of Application

The ENLS application deadline is 31 July 2019, and all the lectures of course(s) under application of the 2018/19 academic year have not been completed at the time of application submission.

Application should be submitted directly to the SFO (“Student Finance Office, Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency, 11/F Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon”) during office hours or you may authorise a person to do so by completing the authorisation form as printed on Part IV of the Application Guidance Notes.

Further Questions

If you have any question regarding your ENLS application, like how to fill in the form, payment and repayment of loan, please read through the Guidance Notes. If you have further queries, please call the Government Student Finance Office (SFO) directly at 2150-6223.


Reminder: Please start preparing for your application earlier to avoid delay in receiving the assistance.