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Hsin Chong Student Travel Loan

Purpose: To provide short-term interest-free loan to students with temporary financial difficulty in meeting expenses of course-required compulsory study trips.
Amount: The amount of loan is normally intended to cover part of the total travel expenses. However, students with severe financial difficulties may apply for a loan equivalent to the total amount of travel expenses.
Eligibility: ONLY full-time UGC-funded students who are required to participate in course-required compulsory study/field trips may apply.
Application Procedures: The prescribed application form must be completed in full. Each applicant must also request the Course Coordinator to fill in a separate Confidential Recommendation Form. Both documents must be returned to the Scholarships & Financial Aid Unit, Office of Student Affairs at least two months prior to the trip start date. Successful applicants will be further instructed to settle an agreement of loan repayment term and fill in the necessary loan documents (guarantor and witness) before the loan is released.
Assessment: The Scholarships & Financial Aid Unit will be responsible for reviewing and short-listing applications. Once the decision is reached, all applicants will be advised of the results. Successful applicants will also be informed of the amount of loan and the procedures to collect them.
Assessment Criteria: 1. Financial situation of applicant’s family.
2. Applicant’s leadership experience and record in extra-curricular activities.
Consideration of Releasing of Loan 1. Incomplete application and loan documents will not be considered.
2. The amount of loan available is limited and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
Repayment of Loan:

1. All loan amounts have to be fully repaid before applicant’s graduation or withdrawal of study, whichever is earlier.
2. Repayment schedule is negotiable.
3. If applicants have been offered full Government grant for the academic year that the necessary expenses will be fully covered by the grant after the trip, they have to repay the loan one-off by a specific date.  Repayment by instalments is not allowed.

Please download, complete and return to the Scholarships & Financial Aid Unit, Office of Student Affairs

Deadline for Application: At least two months prior to the trip starty date.