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Inclusion Student Ambassador Programme

Inclusion Student Ambassador (ISA) Programme engages students who share our unit’s vision to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming campus.

As an ISA, I can take the lead in:

  • Promoting awareness of students with SEN and support them.
  • Serving the University community in promoting the awareness of inclusion, equality and diversity.
  • Suggesting creative solutions enhancing the campus support to students with SEN.
As an ISA, I can:
  • Have higher priority in joining inclusive events and training programmes.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity issues.
  • Meet people of diverse backgrounds and learn from each other.
  • Initiate projects to promote campus inclusion.
  • Receive a Certificate of Recognition if I meet the criteria.

I can become an ISA if I am:

  • Studying full-time UGC-funded programmes.
  • Interested in learning issues related to inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity.
  • Willing to share and support the Unit’s mission and committed to cultivating campus inclusion.
  • Eager to understand the needs and challenges faced by the diverse learners and passionate to serve them.
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2023-24 Enrollment 

Attending the Briefing Session cum Braille Experiential Workshop is mandatory for interested eligible students to become ISAs. Please refer to details as follows:

Online Session

Date: 27 Sep 2023 (Thursday)

Time: 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Mode: Online via Zoom

Registration: Log in to SLES and complete the online registration form here by 21 Sep 2023

Face-to-face Session

Date: 12 Sep 2023 (Tuesday)

Time: 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Venue: AAB 402M, Learning Commons

Registration: Log in to SLES and complete the online registration form here by 7 Sep 2023


  • Participants will be admitted to the Inclusion Student Ambassador Programme 2023-24 simultaneously.
  • Please contact us on or before 15 Sep 2023 (face-to-face session) and 29 Sep 2023 (online session) if you wish to withdraw from the Programme.

Caring Point Scheme

100 Caring Points
Participation in community service or inclusion, equality related activities - any local NGO or community activities, events, training sessions in promoting awareness of inclusion, equality, disability. To earn 100 Caring Points, you can 

  • be a sports helper assisting Paralympic athletes in a training exercise; 
  • be a guide walker/runner in a training exercise and running race;
  • be an NGO volunteer during summertime; 

200 Caring Points
Participation in experiential sessions and/or being one of our SEN buddies. 

Experiential sessions

  • ​For example, you can participate in HKBU experiential inclusive workshops, seminars, training sessions, camping, etc. All sessions MUST be counted as Co-curricular Learning (CCL). 

"Buddy Up" Peer Supporters 

  • For example, you can be a note-taker, a guide walker, an amanuensis, a reading materials conversion assistant for registered students with SEN/disabilities. 

500 Caring Points

  • Initiate projects to promote SEN awareness, campus inclusion, etc. 
  • For example, you can run a sharing session on campus accessibility; develop a mobile application of campus location maps for students with visual impairment. 


For ISAs who participated in any activities that were not held by USSEN but wish to claim Caring Points, please send us the proof of documents, i.e. a certificate of achievement, an attendance record, and at least two activity photos of yourself to us at before 30 June of the academic year. 

Certificate of Recognition

  • Certificate of Recognition for the top five ISAs who gained 500 Caring Points or above in each academic year.
  • Certificate of Completion for ISAs with at least 500 Caring Points in each academic year.
  • To receive the certificate, participants must attend the ISA Programme briefing session, a CCL-recognised event held by USSEN, plus at least one on-campus or off-campus inclusive activity.
  • Awardees have to make their own arrangements for the collection of certificate(s).

Information of "Buddy Up" Peer Supporters



  • To develop positive attitudes and helping skills of the buddies in mutual learning and good communication with SEN students.
  • To promote university adjustment and learning of SEN students through a range of practical support provided by the buddies.
  • To strengthen the value of inclusion through peer learning communities and support network.

​What does a peer supporter do? 

Below are only some suggestions. A peer supporter can serve in one or more than one of the following supporting roles. The provision of such services depends on your availability, interest, and strength. 

  • To provide students with SEN/disabilities a campus tour when in need. 
  • To familiarize them with learning resources, campus facilities, as well as barrier-free facilities on campus. 
  • To assist them in searching and borrowing books from libraries. 
  • To assist them in scanning and converting academic reading materials into accessible formats. 
  • To proofread converted reading materials to suit their academic needs. 
  • To provide them with support in note-taking. 
  • To coach them on generic study skills and learning strategies. 


  • Current HKBU full-time students in UGC-funded programmes, preferably a current Inclusion Student Ambassador (ISA). 
  • Responsible, patient, and flexible in working with students with SEN/disabilities.
  • Previous experience in supporting students with SEN is an advantage. 






- 陳慧穎, 校園共融大使 2018-2023 【五年級,歷史文學士及教育學士】


I am always grateful to be part of the USSEN family during my university years. From a young age, I have been taught to be kind and considerate to others, and positively impact more people through sharing the beliefs about gratitude, a need to give back, and a sense of responsibility in the act of service to the society so I have participated Inclusion Student Ambassador Programme since my first academic year.

Being an ISA, is responsible for promoting the ideas of love and equality to SEN students, and creating an inclusive environment for them. Through the programme, I have joined various activities such as visits to inclusive places, inclusive workshops and webinars to equip myself with sufficient knowledge. Among all activities, visiting "Dialogue in the Dark Jockey Club Dialogue Experience" has created the most amazing learning experience for me. In this activity, I was given the chance to experience the normal life of blind people with authentic and lively interactive darkness environments, including the taste of blindness in taking a ferry and traveling to the forest in the dark. This truly makes me gain a holistic understanding of the daily lives of SEN students in an interesting way, and I recommend those who have never been there to try it!

Apart from broadening my vision of inclusive knowledge within the engaging and informative activities, I have largely gained more concrete knowledge and practical skills related to the service for SEN students through different courses such as mental health first aid standard course, so that I could better assist SEN students when they face any problems in life or study. In the meantime, I have met many nice people with SEN, and have a lot of sincere communication with them, which allows my life to become much more fruitful. So glad to join this programme and I won’t forget all these precious memories here!  

- Shirelle, LEE Wing Yan, ISA 2021-2023【Year 3, SOSC】


It is my pleasure to be one of the Inclusion Student Ambassador (ISA) in 2020-2021. This was my first time to be an ISA on campus. Looking back on the experience in this whole year, I was regretful that I did not join the programme earlier when I was a freshman because I really earned a lot from these precious experiences. This programme allowed me to participate in various types of seminars, interactive sharing from guest speakers, as well as training courses to have more understanding towards SEN. These undoubtedly have broadened my horizons, especially when listening to the speakers shared their stories or what they have heard from others. Not only informative activities, but you could also get in touch with many peers! In this year, the learning opportunities were not reduced despite the pandemic. The activities have been switched to online mode. I have attended some of the seminars; these equipped me with broader eyesight to perceive the issue of SEN. I was impressed with an online seminar that has been co-organized by BU and NTNU in Taiwan to share their thoughts on no matter their related policy or the ways that the college supported SEN students. The fruitful interactions allowed me to reflect if the assistance to SEN students was sufficient in Hong Kong. In this short period of time, I reflected on what action I could carry out to promote more insight related to the SEN issue. If I could have a chance, I would also like to participate in some campaigns or promotion workshops. However, I thought I still have taken a small step to take the initiative to learn related information. Next time, when somebody asks me, I can definitely share more on it!

Are you still hesitating if you should join the programme? Believe me! You will benefit a lot from the activities. It’s time for you to enroll! 

- HUI Ka Yee, ISA 2020-2022【Year 4, BSOWK】




I always believed in a motto that ‘only by giving are we able to receive more than we already have.’ I think being a human is about helping others. My greatest gladness comes from giving helping hands to people who are in need. I am so blessed to become one of the Inclusion Student Ambassador (ISA) at HKBU in which has given me a precious opportunity to devote myself to cultivating an inclusive university community. We are not just giving assistance to students with SEN but also being their companions in their lifelong journey.

We, as the ISA, are dedicated to supporting SEN students and promoting inclusive, equality and diversity awareness. In the past year, I actively engaged in various inclusive activities and participated in different seminars initiated by USSEN. From the in-depth sharing of frontline local NGO workers, I have widened my social circle as well as strengthened my understanding of the different needs of students with SEN. In addition, I have broadened my horizon in getting familiar with overseas integrated education policies from the virtual exchange in special education with overseas universities. 

Being an ISA is more meaningful than it seems. The most profound meaning to me is how we put the vision of ISA into vivid practice in our daily life. Apart from actively engaging in on-campus related activities, I would like to step out from the HKBU campus and continuously spread my solicitude to those who are in need in our beloved community. I was given a valuable opportunity to be a volunteer for constantly serving and supporting the physically challenged person and SEN children from low-income families in Hong Kong Blind Union and Hong Kong YWCA.

ISA Programme, undoubtedly, gives me a fruitful and meaningful university life. I strongly recommend this programme to you. And I am looking forward to seeing you in the coming ISA activities!

- SZE Kuen Yung (Angel), ISA 2020-2022【Year 4, BSocSc in China Studies [History]】


Participating in the Inclusion Student Ambassador Programme is a fruitful experience in my university life. Not only do I have a deeper understanding of different types of disability, but I also have valuable opportunities to make friends with SEN students, which have broadened my social circle. More to mention is the attractive activities and the Barrier-free Discovery Tour that I have participated in. I had a lot of fun and they are quite different from the usual university workshops that I used to have. Most of them were held by someone with disabilities, which broadened my horizons. If I were given a second chance in my university life, I would still join this programme without regrets!

- Chin Wing Ki, ISA 2017-2020【BSocSc (Hons) in Geography (2020)】




很高興在大學的生涯中可以成為校園共融大使 (ISA)。 在大學一年級時因為對點字和手語感到好奇, 所以與朋友成為了ISA。 記得參加的第一個活動就是無障行者, 這個活動使我筋疲力盡 ,但同時讓我深深體驗到身心障礙者的困難。 
在接下來的幾年大學生涯中, 我參加了不同的活動來了解有特殊學習需要的同學, 包括學習手語, 報讀有關特殊教育的課程和參加台灣交流團。 在眾多活動中我最深刻的是台灣交流團。 這個活動除了讓我了解台灣對身心障礙學生的支援外,更讓我認識了許多新朋友。在幾天的交流中,我聽了很多他們的成長故事,明白到他們在生活,學習甚至社交上的困難。他們對學習的堅持真的讓我十分感動。 其實我認為身心障礙學生很厲害, 十分值得我們學習。 他們許多能力都比一般學生強勁,例如手指十分靈活, 觀察力非常強和毅力十分高。 
是不是想認識他們呢? 我希望在看文章的你能加入ISA 這個大家庭, 參加USSEN舉辦的活動 ,並一起建立無障礙和共融的浸大!

- 戴泳琪, 校園共融大使 2017-2020 【社會科學學士(榮譽)(地理) (2020)】

For any enquires about the programme, please contact us by 3411 5230 or during office hours.