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Fun Quiz - Visual Impairment

This quiz aims at testing one’s understanding of the situation of visually impaired/ blind individuals in Hong Kong. In the end, it hopes to raise the public awareness on how to be more inclusive to the visually impaired/ blind individuals in Hong Kong.

  1. Walking on the street, you saw a visually impaired person is about to cross the street. Since you have experienced guiding visually impaired people cross the street, you would like to offer him/ her your help. Before doing so, what might be the BEST way to inform him/her?

    A. Grabbing his/her hand directly
    B. Shouting at him/her
    C. Gently tapping on his/her shoulder

  2. Which of the following shows the BEST way in giving directions for a visually impaired person?

    A. Pointing at the object (e.g. building, signpost, etc.) and using words like here/ there
    B. Using vague expressions like “we are almost there” or “we still have a long way to go.”
    C. Using clear and concrete expressions like “around ten more meters before we arrive,” “the building is on your right-hand side” or “the entrance is at your 9-o’clock direction.”

  3. Which of the following statements are the CORRECT descriptions of Visually impaired individuals?

    A. No one should label any Visually impaired individuals. We must respect each other.
    B. Visually impaired individuals have no feelings. There is no need for us to respect them.
    C. Visually impaired individuals are all the same. They share the same character as they all fail to see.

  4. When guiding a visually impaired individual, WHERE should you stand near him/her?

    A. Standing anywhere next to him/her will be fine
    B. Standing on the side that correspond to a weaker eyesight of the visually impaired individual
    C. Standing behind him/her

  5. When talking to a visually impaired individual, what is the BEST position for you to stand?

    A. Under the light (e.g. next to the window with the curtain drawn open) and in front of him/her
    B. Under the shed/ In the darkness and front of him/her
    C. Behind him/her

  6. What should you do when you notice someone enters or leaves the room where there is a visually impaired individual?

    A. Stay silent without letting the visually impaired individual know about it
    B. Announce clearly and politely who is entering or leaving the room
    C. Shut out the person’s name loudly such that everyone knows about it

  7. Which one of the following is NOT a type of eye disease?

    A. Cataracts
    B. Macular Degeneration
    C. Hypertension

  8. Which part of your body should you offer to the visually impaired individuals when being a sighted guide?

    A. Arm
    B. Palm
    C. Shoulder

  9. Which of the following is/are the organization(s) in Hong Kong that cater(s) blind or visually impaired individuals?

    (i) The Hong Kong Society for the Blind
    (ii) Hong Kong Blind Union
    (iii) Hong Kong Buddhist Society for the Blind

    A. (i) and (ii)
    B. (ii) and (iii)
    C. (i), (ii), and (iii)

  10. According to the HKSAR government’s statistics in 2014, approximately how many people living in Hong Kong are visually impaired?

    A. Around 170 thousand
    B. Around 1.2 million
    C. Around 13 thousand