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Visceral Disability and Chronic Health

According to the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme Plan, visceral disability refers to a disability arising from diseases or their respective treatment affecting the body's organs. The daily activities of people with visceral disability are much affected by their chronic health conditions. Individuals with visceral disability may suffer from more than one type of disease such as diabetes mellitus, chronic liver disease and cancers.

Common problems encountered in tertiary education environment:
Depending on the type(s) of visceral disease suffered, students with visceral disability may encounter different problems in tertiary education environment, which may include:

  • Decreased efficiency in studying due to chronic pain or fatigue.
  • Limitations on participating in physical exercises.
  • Difficulties with writing and manipulations of equipment due to impairment in strength, endurance and coordination abilities.
  • Frequent absence due to attendance to medical appointments and changes in medical condition

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