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Module 1 of E-learning Training Modules on SEN, Disability and Equality in Higher Education

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Exciting Announcement! Our online training modules on Special Educational Needs (SEN) have been launched. Our modules are designed to equip university members with the knowledge and skills needed to promote a more inclusive learning environment for students with SEN. 

Module One is now available, which focuses on integrated education and related ordinances in Hong Kong. With expert guidance and sharing in this module, participants will learn about equal opportunities, the concept of reasonable accommodation, disability etiquette, and inclusive language.

Actions to take:

1.     Click the tag “Universities Login (via HKAF)” to log in to HKMOOC.

2.     Select and complete Module 1: Integrated Education and Related Ordinances in Hong Kong.

3.     Take a quiz of 10 MC questions.

4.     Get a Certificate of Completion the day after completing the quiz.

Participants who successfully obtain the Certificate of Completion before 17 September 2023 will automatically join our lucky draw! 100 winners will receive a HK$50 coffee shop coupon. Act now!

Stay tuned for more modules on understanding different types of SEN, related academic adjustments, and universal design for an inclusive campus.

Enquiries: / 3411 2806