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Sharing of Fund Recipients - CHEUK Ka Ho

CHEUK Ka Ho Photo

CHEUK Ka Ho, Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) 
in Journalism  [International Journalism]

Thank you for the generosity of the donors of AGF, granted me to acquire a robotic assistance. As a wheelchair user paralyzed from waist down, I have been using the robotic assistance in my dormitory room for standing. It helps a lot in improving my blood circulation, as well as curing the pressure sore resulted from sitting in my wheelchair for a long time. Before acquiring the robotic equipment, I have little chance to stand up from my wheelchair because I did not bring my walking frame from home. Also, using walking frame is very energy-consuming, I cannot sustain the standing position for a long period of time. But with the robotic assistance, I can stand for a longer time and even move around my room. That also help me get take and put my stuff easier in a standing position. Overall, the robotic equipment helps me to achieve a better university life as it assists me to strive for a healthier body, so that I can focus more on my academic studies and enjoy the gathering with my friends and floormates.

For the application process, the procedures of the fund application were in reasonable length. There were no specific difficulties I encountered in the application. The officer of USSEN explained the AGF in details, while the undergraduate hall officers are very helpful during the robotic equipment delivery process. Again, thank you for the generosity of donors and the assistance from USSEN and undergraduate hall office.

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