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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - LAU Cheuk Yan


LAU Cheuk Yan; Bachelor of Business
Administration (Hons.) [Finance]

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude to the doner of this scholarship and share about how it makes my university life better in general. Like any another student, I like to be granted, but not likely does this happen to me, I was never the top in class so no matter how hard i try, scholarship wasn't my thing. Until when i get in to the university, i received a lot of help, financially and emotionally. This is the feeling that I never would have thought of receiving from a collage, since I should behave as a grown up, it is all on me to take care of myself financially, but I can tell how the benefactors and school staffs are smoothing the path towards adulthood for me. I love the feeling of growing up slowly and steadily without feeling the anxiety from financial burden. It gives me a buffer to breathe and take my time to plan out everything.

As much as the scholarship helps, I learnt to pass it further too, I would like to take this as my goal to be able to help the youths in the future, because I know exactly the hardships and suffering how miscellaneous fees can cause. I enjoy my university life so much more that I can get financial help to participate in activities i like. This period in life is so precious, we are going to be an adult, but not like my mind and wisdom are ready to be, so I have to join different social clubs and activities to gain experience and friends. That is how I am picturing my adulting to be, luckily, with scholarship and grants, I am able to choose and take part in a lot of them. I love my family and they helped me with countless things, now that I can save their money, I feel less guilty for being the unemployment youth at home.

In the future, I would like to work in the financial field since I am a student majoring in finance. The more i understand finance the more I love and hate it at the same time, I love how it can makes my life easier, and hate the fact that we are all under it's control. But for the fact that I see how non bias money is, I would like to if I have the ability to share it with people in need, use money wise, and optimate the things it can do. Finally I would like to express my gratefulness towards the doner and help from the university, thank you very much.

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