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Virtual Diversity SENcation (CCL21220320)

Unit for Students with Special Educational Needs
03 - 07 JAN 2022

Have you ever dived into the world of Special Education Needs (SEN)? How was your experience in interacting with people who are labelled as “special”? If you have never had such trial before, or would like to understand them more, we now proudly present to you the “Virtual Diversity SENcation” - it would be an empathy journey to step into their shoes, as well as an eye-opening experience to feel how diverse human beings are.

In this programme, you will get an excellent opportunity to get along with students with SEN and students all around the world. In this virtual journey, you are going to gain inspiring stories and meet new friends through the mission challenges and online seminars - let’s take the initiative to build an inclusive and diversified university community in this fun and fruitful programme!

Event Information: 

Date/Time 3-7 January 2022 
Participant Students in UGC-funded programmes 
Mode of delivery Online via ZOOM 
Medium of Instruction English 
Online Registration  Log in to SLES and complete the online application form

The programme is divided into three sessions:

  • Session 1: “International Diversity” Workshop
    • Date: 3rd Jan 2022 (Mon)
    • Time: 18:00 - 20:00
    • Content: International guest speakers are invited to share on the theme of “Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorders (AD/HD)”
  • Session 2: Mission Challenges and Debriefing Sessions
    • Date: 4-6th Jan 2022 (Tue-Thu)
    • Time:
      • Mission challenges: anytime in the period
      • Debriefing sessions: 18:00 - 19:30
    • Content: Gain a deeper understanding of the daily lives of people with various types of SEN in the form of action learning; consolidate the learnings in debriefing sessions
  • Session 3: “International Inclusive” Festival
    • Date: 7th Jan 2022 (Fri)
    • Time: 18:00 – 20:00
    • Content: International guest speakers are invited to share on the theme of “Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Dyslexia”

Registration Package: 


Session(s) Included


Caring Point (CP) Available

(for Inclusion Student Ambassadors Only)


1+2+3+Group Leader

2 Units




2 Units




1 Unit




1 Unit


Registration Description:

•  Please indicate your preferred registration package by listing the capital letter “A”/ “B”/ “C”/ “D”/ in the answer box. Failure to submit your answer would assume that participants would attend all three sessions (package “B”).

•  This workshop is free of charge with full funding support from the UGC SEN special grants.

•  This workshop is open for current full-time students studying in UGC-funded programmes.

•  Priority registration arrangements are available for Inclusion Student Ambassadors (ISAs) and registered Students with Special Educational Needs (SSENs).

•  Registration deadline: 8th December 2021.