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Nagomi Pastel x SEN Career Sharing Workshop

Unit for Students with Special Educational Needs
30 SEP 2021

Japanese Nagomi interprets the meaning of "harmony". It is a pastel finger-painting art of the healing means founded by Mr Hosoya Norikatsu of Japan. It aims to bring healing and gives hope to the painter, whether they are of any age, with or without painting experience, and they could make beautiful pictures without too many tools. Moreover, in the process of painting, it can bring the effect of calming the mind and alleviating stress, and it could also inspire creative power and hold hope for the future.

Nagomi Pastel Art believes people should have a gentle and non-critical attitude because art has no right or wrong, beauty, and ugliness. As long as the art is made with heart, it is a piece of good work. Similarly, although students with special educational needs have limitations, they have their talents and potential. Therefore, we could promote love and equality through the Nagomi Pastel Art and learn inclusion and non-prejudice.

This group aims to enable the students to acquire basic techniques of Nagomi Pastel art, using different daily tools such as cotton swabs, cutter, combs, cotton to create different lines and patterns. The colour of the pastel is soft, which makes participants feel comfortable and pleasant, with excellent therapeutic and self-healing function. As a result, it could help express feelings, reduce stress, and enhance self-awareness.

By sharing personal study and career stories, students would recognize the difficulties and differences of SEN students and learn to appreciate everyone’s strengths and uniqueness. Also, there would be a debriefing time to allow students to share their own experiences and feelings after finishing the activity and interact.

Event Information: 

Date/Time 30 Sept 21 (Thu) / 2:30 - 5:00 p.m. (2.5 hours)
Participant Students in UGC-funded programmes 
Mode of delivery Online via ZOOM 
Medium of Instruction Cantonese
No. of participants per workshop 20
Online Registration  Log in to SLES and complete the online application form