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For students who are admitted to the University in September, the graduation process is as follows:
guadRemarks: The above schedule is for reference only. The exact timetable will be announced by each faculty.  For some study programmes which do not end in May, the delivery of grade report and graduation letter will be postponed.

The date of commencement for each faculty is different.  Graduation certificates will be delivered in the commencement. Students who cannot attend the commencement for any reasons may authorize a representative to collect the certificate by presenting his/her HKID card/passport, a copy of the student’s HKID card and a completed “Authorization Form for the Collection of Diploma”.

For more details, please refer to:

The graduation letter is a document which proves that a student has already fulfilled all the graduation requirements and completed the study programme.  Students may login to the HKBU Digital Credential System by using HKBU SSOid to access their electronic graduation letter and/ or electronic academic transcript. The electronic graduation letter will be available normally one week after the Senate has approved their graduation. An email notification from the University will be sent to students.

Graduates must apply for the Foreign Education Certification as soon as they have returned to Mainland. The certificate is a necessary proof for having graduated from a degree obtained in Hong Kong.

Online Application:

Students, who have completed their study programme and planned to stay for employment in Hong Kong, should apply for Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG) at Hong Kong the Immigration Department.  Successful applicants can stay and work in Hong Kong for two year.  Students who submit an application within 6 months after graduation will be regarded as “stay for work in Hong Kong” even though they have not yet been employed.  Application that is handed in after the student has graduated for 6 months is regarded as “return for work in Hong Kong”, which means that the applicant needs to be employed by a company in Hong Kong already when the application is made.

Students can download the application form (ID 990A) from the website of Immigration Department and submit the completed form to the Immigration Department with the proof of graduation (please refer to Graduation Letter) by mail, online or in person.

Department address: Receipt and Dispatch Sub-unit,
Hong Kong Immigration Department,
2/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai,
Hong Kong

Online submittion:

Details about Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG):

FAQ about Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG):

1.  Students should have received IANG before they start to work. Otherwise, it will be regarded as an illegal employment.  The offender could be deported to Mainland with a criminal record.  Graduates should find out when they can get IANG and discuss the relevant arrangements with the employer to ensure that the employment is legal.
2.  For official information about this visa, students should refer to the announcements on website “Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates” of the Immigration Department.


I am a postgraduate student. My final examination will be held in August and my student visa will expire in mid-August. Do I need to apply for the IANG?

You can apply for a student visa extension (please refer to Student Visa (Entry permit label) and Landing Slip) instead of the IANG because IANG applicants must have completed their studies.

Job market information can be found on the internet in Hong Kong. Most companies or enterprises will advertise their job openings on websites of recruitment or Labor Department. Job finders are usually required to send a cover letter and their resume to the companies or enterprises according to the requirements stated in the advertisement.  For the convenience of job finders, it is very common that the advertisements are categorised by profession and job nature.

Resources in HKBU

The Career Centre of Office of Student Affairs organises workshops and talks throughout the year to prepare students for employment.  The Centre also provides different resources on job searching.

Office of Student Affairs -
Career Center

Resources from the government

The Labor Department is a government department which is responsible for issues about workforce in Hong Kong. It offers services on employment facilitation, fosters harmonious labor relations as well as improves and protects employees' rights, benefits, welfares, safety and health at work. The Department has set up an interactive employment service website to bridge employers and job finders. Information on job fairs is also available on the website.

Hong Kong Labor Department
Interactive Employment Service Labor Department​

Other resources

The development of technology has made online recruitment as the main job recruitment channel. Below are several popular and common job searching websites in Hong Kong:

Monster Hong Kong
Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

1. Students who would like to stay and work in Hong Kong after graduation must collect the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG) first. (Please refer to
Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates (IANG))
2. In general, jobs in Hong Kong are categorised as being employed and self-employed.  Being employed means that you are hired by a company or an organisation and have received a contract of full-time employment. People who are self-employed play both the role of employer and employee and have no full-time employment contract. Startup business is an example. Some companies request the employee to sign a self-employment contract (usually in financial or real estate jobs).  Students are reminded to read carefully about the terms and clauses of the contract before signing it.  Renewal of IANG may not be approved by the Immigration Department if the applicant cannot provide supporting documents such as a contract of full-time employment or related employment proof.