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Cantonese Peer Tutoring Programme

This programme is co-organised by the Language Centre, the Mainland Student Services Unit and the Association of Mainland and Hong Kong Youths (AMHKY).  It offers an interactive Cantonese learning platform for Mainland students.  Local students serve as Cantonese Peer Tutors and teach Mainland Tutees Cantonese through interesting learning activities.  Through this programme, Mainland Tutees can learn Cantonese in daily life and make friends with Peer Tutors, which can facilitate their adjustment and assimilation in HKBU and Hong Kong.

The programme is divided into two phases:

Phase 1

  • Is conducted in September 2023.
  • Includes a Cantonese pinyin lecture delivered by a lecturer of the Language Centre and four Cantonese lessons delivered by a Cantonese Peer Tutor.  Each session lasts for two hours.
  • Maintains a ratio between Peer Tutors and Tutees at around 1:10.

Phase 2

  • Is conducted in two rounds (October to December 2023; February to April 2024).
  • Includes Cantonese learning activities in different formats, e.g. lunch gathering, tea gathering, city hunt, etc.  Peer Tutors teaches Mainland Tutees to use Cantonese in daily life.
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