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The Medical Clinic provides general medical services for all full-time students. The consultation fee is HK$20 per visit (including medication) for eligible students.  Students must show their student cards when they use the service. For more information about the services and the opening hours, please refer to the medical clinic website.

Location: Level 5, Sir Run Run Building, Ho Sin Hang Campus
For enquiries: 3411-7447 /
For appointments: 3411-2011

There is a clinical department under the School of Chinese Medicine of HKBU. A valid student card holder can enjoy a discount for medical consultation at any Chinese medical clinics operated by the School of Chinese Medicine.  An on-campus clinic is located at the Baptist University Road Campus.

Telephone number: 3411 2968 / 3411 2998
Address: Level 1, Jockey Club School of Chinese Medicine Building, Baptist University Road Campus

Students can make an appointment by phone or online. For addresses of the other clinics, service hours, detailed services and using the online appointment system, please refer to the website:

All HKID card holders (including Mainland students) can enjoy the medical welfare provided by the health care system in Hong Kong, which means healthcare services at a cheaper price.

Clinics and health centres

Students can visit public general out-patient clinics for common diseases. Each medical consultation costs HK$50. Some general out-patient clinics even offer 24-hour-7-day services. A referral letter from a doctor is required for scheduling an appointment with specialist out-patient clinics. The medical consultation fee for the first visit is HK$135.  The fee for each subsequent consultation is HK$80.  For more information about public general out-patient clinics, please refer to the following website:

Public hospitals

The fees for hospitalisation in a standard ward of a public hospital is HK$100 per day, including meals, inpatient charge, chemical analysis, medicine and operation fee.

Accident & Emergency (A&E) Services

16 public hospitals in Hong Kong provide A & E services. The registration fee for patients with HKID card is $180.  It includes medical consultation and medication.  A triage system is implemented in all A&E Departments so that patients with more urgent needs can receive immediate treatments. Patients are divided into five categories according to their medical condition: critical, emergency, urgent, semi-urgent and non-urgent. The priority of receiving treatment is based on the severity of the patients’ conditions instead of their registration time.  The A & E services are aimed for patients with genuine needs. This resource should not be abused.  Patients whose conditions are not so urgent should visit a public or private clinic.

Public hospitals near HKBU:

  General Out-patient Clinics Specialist Out-patient Clinics A & E
Kowloon Hospital   Available  
Kwong Wah Hospital Available Available Available
Queen Elizabeth Hospital   Available Available

For information about public hospitals (addresses, service hours, and detailed services), please refer the following website:

Private clinics and hospitals do not follow the public medical welfare pricing scheme.  Prices of different treatments vary, depending on the costs of the treatments and the premium charged by each clinic or hospital.

Private clinics

Private clinics are operated by private practice doctors or medical groups in different districts.  Students can walk-in to get medical services at any nearby clinics. Waiting time at private clinics is usually shorter than the public outpatient clinics but the charges are higher. The consultation fees of general practice private clinics usually start from around $250, which include medicine. Consultation fees for private specialist clinics are even higher, which normally excludes other specialized services and medicine.

Private hospitals

Private hospitals are run by private groups or organizations.  Service fees are higher than that of public hospitals.   Items such as various medical treatments, room and board, meals, chemical analysis, medicine and operations, etc. will be charged separately.  There are three private hospitals near HKBU, namely Evangel Hospital, Baptist Hospital and St. Teresa's Hospital.

Private hospitals near HKBU:

  General Out-patient Clinics Specialist Out-patient Clinics A & E
Baptist Hospital Available Available Available
Evangel Hospital Available Available  
St. Teresa's Hospital   Available  

Group personal accident insurance for students

   (Zurich: ZZG0004678ZC)​
The University has purchased group personal accident insurances for all students against medical expenditure on injuries arising from accidents while engaging in activities organised or arranged by the University and/or student organisations (on campus or off-campus).

Students who would like to look for a more comprehensive insurance plan may purchase additional insurance plans themselves.

The link below includes detailed information about the group personal accident insurance provided by the University: 

Group personal accident/medical insurance for incoming students

   (Zurich: TTT0002959ZC)​
This insurance caters for all incoming exchange students. Students may purchase it to cover the expenditures on injuries arising from accidents or infectious diseases during the period they study in Hong Kong.  Students who would like to look for a more comprehensive insurance coverage may purchase other insurance plans themselves.

The link below includes detailed information about the group personal accident/medical insurance for incoming students:

For any enquiries, please call the Financial Office at 3411-7692