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Social Enterprise Study Programme

Mainland Student Services
Social Enterprise Study Programme
20 SEP 2019 | 18 OCT 2019


  • Provide students opportunities to learn about HK social enterprises in different sectors, and gain an insight into the social enterprise model which integrates social responsibility into business operation
  • Nurture students’ sense of social responsibilities to prepare them for their role of future civic leaders and encourage them to set up social enterprise for serving the society

Programme Period
20/9 - 18/10/2019 (Friday)

Conservation and Development of Chinese Culture Charity Foundation Limited

Programme Content

Programme Content Time Table
Part I: Overview on Social Enterprise

Seminar: Ultimate Goal of Social Enterprise

  • Definition of social enterprise
  • Case study
  • Management, operation and social beneficial results of 3 selected social enterprises

Location: HKBU 


Visit: Social Enterprise Business Centre

About the organisation

  • A collaborative platform promoting innovation and social enterprise development
  • Support over 650 social enterprises

Content of visit

  • Visit the office of the centre
  • Understand the operation, mission and vision of the centre and have an overview on social enterprise in Hong Kong

Location: Wan Chai 

Part II: Study Visit
  • Study 2 social enterprises, which were founded by university students and received a number of innovation awards
  • Develop sense of social responsibilities for the role of future civic leaders

Visit: Heycoins

About the organisation

  • Co-founded by a local university student and a Mainland university student
  • Create and install a kiosk network to convert coins into e-wallets recharge, gift coupons and charitable donations

Content of visit

  • Visit and learn the operation of a kiosk through field visit

Location: Kowloon Tong 


Visit: GreenPrice Supermarket

About the organisation

  • Retail surplus and short-dated stock
  • Started in a university social innovation competition and became a standalone store

Content of visit

  • Visit and learn the operation of the Support Centre and retail store
  • Learn about “short-dated” stock

Location: Kwun Tong 

* Students who attended at least 3 activities and submitted self-reflection report will receive a proof of attendance (recorded in the report of “Student Learning Experience System”)