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Recruitment of Event Planner – Create a positive experience in HKBU!

Mainland Student Services
Recruitment of Event Planner – Create a positive experience in HKBU!
01 SEP 2023 | 31 MAY 2024

Would you like to create a positive experience in HKBU for yourself and benefit the HKBU Mainland student community as well?  Be an Event Planner

What will an Event Planner do?

You can organise activities which you are interested in for yourself and HKBU Mainland students. You will be responsible for planning, coordinating and executing the activities.

What kind of activities should be organised? *


  • A few sessions of guitar lesson or handicraft workshops, etc.
  • One-time event, e.g., a basketball game, a visit to an exhibition, etc.
  • Regular activities such as weekly board games, ball games, etc. **

* All activities will be regulated by the University's Standards of Conduct. For details, please visit here.

** Activities or teaching activities that may involve risks will require specific certificates or licenses, such as mount craft certificate or a yoga instructor license.

What is in it for the Event Planner?

  • Organise and enjoy an activity which you are interested in
  • Make friends with schoolmates who share the same interests and enrich your study life at HKBU

How will MSS assist?

  • Promote your event through email and the “Moments” of WeChat so as to find fellow students with common interest from the whole Mainland student population
  • Provide further necessary support upon discussion

When will be the activity held?

Anytime within October 2023 to May 2024

Who can be an Event Planner? 

HKBU Mainland students

Application Deadline

8 October 2023

MSS will send emails to notify you the result or invite you for further discussion.