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Mental Health First Aid Standard Course - Group N (24 & 31 May 2024)


24 MAY 2024
Mr. Keith Leung
14:30 - 17:00
Online via Zoom
Corresponding GA(s)
Citizenship; Knowledge; Teamwork
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an international certificate course, which was originally developed by the ORYGEN Centre of University of Melbourne in 2001. In this 12-hour certificate course, participants will learn how to provide initial help to people with developing mental health problems before professional treatment could be obtained.

On completion of the course, participants will receive a Mental Health First Aid certificate issued by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong. The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong is the organization authorized by the ORYGEN Research Centre of the University of Melbourne to issue the Mental Health First Aid certificate in Hong Kong.

Since 2008, the course has been launched in HKBU. Up to now (as of June 2023), over 3100 students and staff members have been trained.

• Symptoms, causes and treatment: depression, anxiety disorder, psychosis and substance use disorder
• Possible crisis situation arising from these mental health problems
• Five first-aid actions and skills
• Resources available in HKBU & the community for professional help and self help

MHFA (Online Version)
In response to the COVID-19, MHFA will go online which includes two course components:

Course component 1 - Self-paced interactive eLearning (around 7 hrs)
Developing mental health problems covered:
• Depression
• Anxiety problems
• Substance use problems
• Psychosis

Mental health crises covered:
• Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
• Panic attacks
• Severe psychotic states
• Aggressive behaviours

Course component 2 - Instructor-led video conferencing (2.5hrs x 2 sessions)
This course component allows participants the opportunity to revise and consolidate practical skills in a group environment. It is designed to be delivered after participants have completed the eLearning component of the MHFA online course.

In this training, the focus is on the application of knowledge and skills learnt in the eLearning component. It provides the participants with the opportunity to:

• Revise the eLearning content and the MHFA Action Plan
• Clarify and points of uncertainty remaining after completion of the eLearning modules
• Apply the MHFA Action Plan to relevant scenarios
• Discuss and reflect ‘a where to from now’ in using mental health first aid skills

* The courses are subsidized by UGC SEN Fund or UGC Covid-19 Fund, programme fee therefore will be exempted.