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Face-to-face Activities

For CCL-recognised events that require physical attendance:

Refer to the "Registration" part for the registration procedure available under the respective event's details page in the CCL Event Calendar. Registration methods may include online forms, email, telephone, or application in person, etc. Some CCL events may not require registration.

Student Learning Experience System (SLES) is also a centralised platform for students to register for interested CCL events.


  • Registration for CCL-recognised events is not limited to SLES, i.e. SLES is not the only way for you to search for CCL events. CCL website contains the most complete list of CCL-recognised events.

  • SLES also records and invites registration for non-CCL-recognised activities. Please read the event details carefully when you wish to enrol in CCL-recognised events.


  1. Log in Student Learning Experience System (SLES) with your SSOid (Single-Sign-On user ID) and password.

  2. Click the top left button for the menu.

  3. Click Activity Registration.

  4. Click the tab of Upcoming Activity to find the CCL activities you like.