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  1. Who is required to take the National Security Law Education (NSLE0001)?  
    Starting from 2021/2022, all new entrants (Year-1 students, direct entry to Year-2 or Year-3) of undergraduate programmes are required to complete NSLE0001 as one of the compulsory components of the co-curricular learning programme (CCL) which is a graduation requirement. 
  2. How to complete the NSLE0001?
    Students have to finish 3 parts of NSLE in order to complete NSLE0001.
    (2.1) to attend a 2-hour face-to-face lecture
    (2.2) to complete the assigned reading materials which is about 2-hour reading time and

    (2.3) to obtain a "pass" in a quiz in order to complete the NSLE0001.

    One day after attending the lecture, students can find the course NSLE0001 at HKBU/SCE Moodle. Students are advised to finish the assigned reading materials before attempting the quiz. In order to complete the NSLE0001, students have to pass the quiz within 31 days after taking the lecture.

  3. How can I register the NSLE Lecture?
    Students can register two weeks prior to the NSLE Lecture at NSLE website. It is on a first-come-first-served basis. 

  4. When should I register for NSLE0001?
    As NSLE0001 require some time to finish, students are advised to start NSLE0001 as soon as possible.     

  5. What is the passing score of the quiz? What will happen if I fail the quiz?  
    The passing requirement for the quiz of NSLE0001 is 75%. Multiple attempts are allowed, but only the highest score of any attempt will be recorded. If students fail the quiz within 31 days, they will be required to attend the NSLE lecture again or to attend a tutorial session in order to re-attempt the quiz.  

  6. Is NSLE Lecture offered in Cantonese only?
    NSLE Lectures are offered in both Cantonese and English.  Please check the schedules of NSLE lecture at

  7. Can a non-new entrant attend the NSLE Lecture?  
    All students are welcome to attend the lecture. Owing to limited capacity, priority will be given to new entrants.